Weekly Roundup #36

The theme of this roundup is “Great news!” I love hearing good news stories! Especially when it’s from someone who has struggled with significant discouragement before gaining victory. I’ll take good fortune without a struggle any day too – don’t get me wrong! But the joy is all the more powerful when it comes after obstacles have been overcome and transformation has happened along the way.

If you missed this one, share in the joy of the Frugalwoods. Their baby was born! For a long time, the Frugalwoods didn’t know if they’d ever be able to have a baby. After multiple appointments with doctors and fertility experts, hope was running low. Mrs. Frugalwoods shared her struggles and fears about infertility in May – when she was overjoyed to be able to announce her pregnancy. What wonderful news to know that Babywoods, a beautiful, healthy girl, has come into the world!

Another great news item came from Tonya at Budget and the Beach. She has been remarkably transparent and candid about trying to make it as a freelancer ever since she was launched into the freelance life after losing her job over seven years ago. There have been positives and negatives, but no sugar-coating. You always know you’re getting the real deal with Tonya. Well, Tonya just started a new full-time job! Listen to this: “I will essentially be producing personal finance videos and building up and managing a new video department.” How cool is that?! Life is going to change at warp-speed for Tonya, and we wish her all the best!

A third news item that warmed my heart came from a more quiet corner. A reader who had only commented once sent an e-mail message to me to let me know that she and her husband had paid off their debt of $97,000. They had been working away at it for six years … after retiring. Now at 66 and 69 years old, Nancy and Joe are tasting debt-freedom. And how does it feel? “It is the best feeling in the world!” Nancy agreed to an interview here at Fruclassity this past week.

Do you know of any other great news stories in the pf community? (I actually do know of another one, but although I’d love to add it here, I can’t share it until this person makes it public!) Good things happen – in our family lives, our careers, and our progress towards debt-freedom and financial freedom. Keep on sharing the news, and let us join in the celebration of your victories!

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    1. There really is something invigorating about great new for people whose story we know. Makes me eager to go on to my own next chapter : )

  1. A beautiful new baby, an exciting new career, and a victorious new debt-free life! Congratulations Frugalwoods’, Tonya, and Nancy & Joe! Best wishes going forward to you all! 🙂

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