Fruclassity Commandment #6: Be Wary of the Pressures of Our Consumer Society

Now that I’ve become aware of them, I’m constantly amazed at the subtle, cunning, yet highly effective techniques of marketers and advertisers to get you to want what they’re selling. I spent many years mindlessly believing the lies I was told about what I needed/wanted/HAD to have. From the lies I believed that my employer […]

Travis Pizel: A Debt Success Story

Today we’re featuring the story of Travis Pizel, who together with his wife paid off $109,000 in credit card debt in less than five years.  Travis blogs at Enemy Of Debt, where he candidly shares his family’s experiences, struggles and successes. As a father and husband he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, […]

Weekly Roundup: Third Edition

I’m sitting here trying to think of a perky way to introduce this third weekly roundup at Fruclassity, but I’m not feeling perky! Maybe it’s the weather? We’ve been promised a warm, sunny week-end in these parts, but I’m not holding my breath. It snowed a few days ago! March 2015 Net Worth Update & […]