Badassity and Wedding Bells

My colleague Chris heard me use the term “badassity” recently, one morning before the work day had begun. When he asked me what the term meant, I explained that it defined a subculture of hyper-frugality, spear-headed by Mr. Money Mustache, and that there was a “stick-it-to-the-man” defiance in it. “I’m like that,” Chris said with […]

Weekly Roundup: Ninth Edition

Ever notice how personal finance blogs touch upon just about everything? PF blogs cover such a broad range of topics – from spending temptations to job loss; from the pain of getting into financial shape to the freedom of pursuing what you want; from one school of PF thought to another … Today’s weekly roundup will give you […]

7 Steps to Financial Success

Often times, people get discouraged when they think about achieving financial success because they feel so far from reaching the finish line. Fruclassity thinks of financial success differently, however. Fruclassity isn’t just about reaching the finish line, it’s about all of the little steps one takes from the start to the finish and in between. […]

Weekly Roundup: Seventh Edition

Happy Saturday! Start your week-end with some reads from today’s edition of our weekly roundup: Holly from Club Thrifty wrote 5 Reasons to Love Garage Sales. Guilt-free shopping. Environmentally friendly. There is no down side to it. I will be taking part in a huge local garage sale in my sister’s part of town later this month. Reading […]