Fruclastically Frugal Interview #2

I am very honored to feature my lovely mother for this Fruclastically Frugal Interview. My mom was a huge role model for me when I was younger as I watched her persevere through some very tough financial times for us after her and my dad divorced. Above all, my mom taught me to put God […]

Weekly Roundup (13th Edition)

Happy Saturday, frugal people! OK, I’ve never done this before on our weekly roundup, but here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion. Please check out my site Prudence Debtfree. In my post “Business Debt ELIMINIATED! Debt-Free Except for the Mortgage” I reflect upon the journey out of debt that my husband and I have been on for 3 […]

Fruclastically Frugal Interview #1

Hey, frugal friends! Welcome to our new series, Fruclastically Frugal. In this series we’ll interview people who are living well on a smaller income. Our hope is that this series inspires you to manage your money in a way that allows for a fulfilling life and financial peace, no matter what your income! Today, we’re […]

Weekly Roundup (11th Edition)

Welcome to our 11th weekly roundup! I hope that these reads inspire you on your road to debt-freedom/financial freedom. Did you know that Cell Phone City had a Savings Guru of the Week? I didn’t either – until they chose Laurie! From this new platform, “The Frugal Farmer” was able to share her story and […]