Time Travel Therapy for Debtors

Being Erica Prudence When I was asked, as part of a Liebster Award nomination, to give 11 random facts about myself, I included, “I would love to time travel.” That might explain my instant addiction to a show my daughter found on Netflix a couple of months ago: Being Erica, a TV series that started in 2009 […]

Dealing With Shame

Last week, Ruth wrote an AWESOME article in which she interviewed Leanne Brown about her book, Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day. In Ruth’s interview, the author talks about her research into the world of food stamp recipients, and the struggles food stamp recipients often go through as they work to eat within the […]

Weekly Roundup (16th Edition)

Welcome to the week-end Fruclasstics! Sit back and take a read through our weekly roundup posts from the personal finance bloggosphere. They include the practical, the funny, the insightful, and as always, the inspiring. You’re not alone in your financial journey! Here are some of the people sharing the trek with you: Travis from Enemy […]

5 Steps to Building Wealth

Hey, Fruclassity friends! Last week we talked about 5 Steps to Getting out of Debt. Today we’re going to talk about 5 steps to building wealth. I’m thoroughly convinced that although everyone may not have the means to achieve millionaire status (then again, if this guy did it, can you?), we can all, at the […]

5 Steps to Getting Out of Debt

If you’re faced with what seems like an impossible amount of debt right now, fear not. By following a simple and concise plan, it is possible to dump your debt and begin the process of building wealth and saving for whatever financial goals you might have. Today we share the 5 steps for getting out […]