Weekly Roundup #22

From 8:00 until noon today, we’ll be taking part in a street garage sale organized by yours truly. I’ve wanted to purge our home of excess stuff for over a year. Finally, it’s happening! Speaking of getting rid of stuff . . . Kay, now at Prosperously Speaking, wrote a whimsical post entitled “The Perks […]

Fruclassity: Badass-Inclusive

DH = Dear Husband Fruclassity is badass-inclusive “Fruclassity means that your unique characteristics have permission to express themselves. They aren’t stifled by an unbending frugality.” That comes right out of Fruclassity‘s Mission Statement, and it’s a concept we support wholeheartedly. There is flexibility and room for a range of approaches to debt-freedom and financial independence around […]

You CAN Be Debt Free

I’m feeling especially led to encourage people who are considering – or on – a journey to debt freedom but are feeling overwhelmed by the process today. My friends, if this is you, please don’t give up. No matter how long it takes, whether 2 years or 20 years, you CAN be debt free. What […]

Weekly Roundup #21

Happy Saturday once again, my friends. It’s slated to be a beautiful, sunny day here in mid-Minnesota. On the menu for today: lots of outside work, balanced with some outside play. The garden needs to be tended, we’ve got some painting and staining to do to finish restoring some woodwork, and there is fruit from […]

Weekly Roundup #20

It’s not only the week-end for me; it’s the first day of my summer holidays! Summer school ended yesterday, and I’m just soaking in that fact : ) Here is our roundup of great personal finance posts to get your week-end started: Melanie from Dear Debt wrote a fabulous post about hope. “The Power of Positive […]

Dealing With Financial Regret

One of the emotions that comes on strong when one has a financial epiphany and comes to terms with the financial mess they’ve created is guilt. They start to take on LOTS of self-condemnation for their past financial mistakes and for the mess they’ve now woken up to realize. Regret for the years in which […]