Weekly Roundup #30

I can’t believe we’re on our 30th roundup! Time does fly when you’re having fun and talking personal finance. 🙂  It’s Halloween today here in the U.S., and although we don’t celebrate the holiday in our home, we do indulge in our favorite candies and watch fun movies, so that’s what we’ll be doing tonight. […]

Weekly Roundup #29

I don’t know about you, but the treadmill factor was on full force this week for me this week. It can be hard sometimes to get in all of the reading that you’d like, but I’m always glad when I do. There is nothing like taking in blog posts from real people on a real mission […]

The (Not So) Great Escape Via Debt

“something to look forward to” The bell had rung, signalling the end of the day, and students started to come into the library to help plan the upcoming school leadership camp. Two teachers, one entering the library and one exiting, exchanged quick greetings and a mini-conversation. “Are you looking forward to it?” asked Mr. T. […]

Does Less “Stuff” Equal Less Busy?

My two youngest kids recently finished reading Little House in the Big Woods for their literature class, and I haven’t stopped thinking about the book since. The book goes into great detail about the daily life of the Ingalls family. It shares every step of their game plan to stockpile food for the winter, from […]

16-Years-Old & Saving? What’s the “Why?”

DD3 = Dear Third Daughter Attempts to inspire my 13-year-old to save Three years ago, I wrote (in a post entitled “Debt, DD3, and Justin Bieber” – DD3 was in love with him at the time) about my struggles in trying to inspire our then 13-year-old daughter to save. “DD3 gets a monthly clothing allowance from us, […]