Control What You Can

As violence continues to escalate over the entire world, it’s easy to get caught up into a fear and discouragement type of a mindset. Terrorist attacks, random violence and other events can leave us wondering if safety and victory exist anymore. Sometimes our finances leave us feeling the same sense of a lack of control. […]

Weekly Roundup #33

Welcome to Fruclassity‘s 33rd Weekly Roundup! Ready for some inspiration towards debt-freedom/financial freedom? Read on! Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse wrote “7 Emotions and Their Affects On Your Finances.” When I first started trying to get my financial act together, I thought it was all about budgets and tracking and discipline. WRONG! Financial management […]

Setting Goals for the New Year

It’s only November, my friends, but now’s the time to set your Fruclastic money and other goals for 2016. I’m a bit of an expert at setting goals. More accurately, I’m an expert and setting  and then failing at accomplishing those goals.  🙂  So I thought I’d share with you today a bit about what […]

Weekly Roundup #32

With the American Thanksgiving celebration a mere 12 days away, we’re busily preparing our budget for a frugal but festive Thanksgiving dinner. We love, love, love to entertain here at The Frugal Farmer home, and as such Thanksgiving is generally held at our home. We’re ramping things up a bit here this year, adding a […]