The Fruclassity/Badassity Balance

As long-time readers know, we here at Fruclassity tout paying off your debt without living under a rock and eating rice and beans for years on end. While we fully support the Badassity movement, Ruth and I also recognize that not all people are cut from the same cloth, and whereas the extreme debt payoff […]

Kids, Work and Money: Finding that Balance

“I’ve also heard that it takes 3 generations which is concerning for me since I would say that my parents are first generation rich (though technically my grandparents are also wealthy, but they built their wealth later in life around the same time as my parents), which means that it’s me who might spoil the […]

Learning Frugality from Immigrants

DH = Dear Husband As a Canadian, I probably have no business saying it, but I’m nervous about the prospect of President Trump. I’m anxious about the possible rise to prominence of an ethnocentric subculture in the U.S. – one that looks with suspicion upon anyone who isn’t white. Is that too simplistic? Maybe it is. Maybe […]