Your Money or Your Life?

If you read the news with any regularity, you’ll often see stories of lives gone wrong – or ending – due to a person or persons being unable to continue living with their high debts and other financial messiness. People often hurt themselves and/or their families – and in some cases even total strangers – […]

Is Sex The New Debt?

Last week, when I wrote about my series of unfortunate events in travel (and related it to serial obstacles in personal finance), I left something out. I wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate or relevant to write about it, but I believe it is. Stuck on the runway Mishap #5 of my trip home […]

Are You a Kite or an Anchor

As I was laying in bed last night, trying desperately to fall asleep so I could be refreshed for a busy week, my mind wandered to and fro from all of the things that need to be done and paid for around here. Okay, we’ve got hay to buy, I want to save another $1,000 […]

Happy Independence Day

Hey, Fruclastic friends! We’re taking the week off. I’m celebrating America’s Independence Day with my loved ones. For her part, Ruth enjoyed a great Canada Day. See you next week, and God bless you! (Check out Femme Frugality’s review of Ruth’s book, Ella Builds A Wall.)