4 Ways to Find Extra Savings this Holiday Season

With holidays around the corner, planning parties, gatherings, gifts, etc. can put a strain on your brain and pocket alike. Your budget is what gets the heaviest brunt during the season if you are not careful. Now, you will read about the typical plan ahead, make gifts, set a budget, etc. to help you not spend much, but knowing ways for cost-cutting – in addition to the regular spiel – is what will help you make extra savings.

1. Discount Codes to the Rescue

Using discount codes makes shopping such a pleasant experience. When you are visibly saving on something by taking one extra step, you feel happy. It feels like a smart purchase. It is not only good for your wallet, but it is also good for your general holiday shopping experience.

With many coupon and discount sites and browser extensions available, this has become easier. Here are some sites that can help you get discounts or cashback:

  • Coupons.com Being the largest digital coupon provider in the state, it is bound to have lucrative deals for you. Keep an eye open for when what you want appears.
  • Rakuten (Formerly known as Ebates) It is a great site for earning cashback on your purchase. All you have to do is purchase from their site.
  • RetailMeNot You get tons of online coupons and deals here like coupon codes, printable coupons, and free shipping offers.
  • Honey It is a browser extension that aggregates coupon codes so you can always snag the best deal. 

2. Sign Up for Email Lists

While a ton of emails can be irritating, one of the times when it is lucrative is the holiday season. Sign up for new places and new services. Most stores and businesses will usually give you 10-20% off your purchase if you’re a new subscriber.

If the discount or savings they are providing for subscribers is significant, then you can use your other accounts and your family’s accounts to sign up as well to get additional discounts. Along with new subscriber discounts, you will also have early access to any discounts or sales they have running, meaning that you can get great deals before they sell out.

3. Credit Card to the Rescue

Most popular and bigger banks have tie-ups with a lot of businesses. If you have a card for any of these banks then you can reap quite a lot of benefits. Usually having a credit card means you spend more than you should. When shopping for gifts, it can mean that you save more than you could have without the card.

A lot of cards will provide you with no-cost EMI options, then there are cashback options, then there is a 10-15% discount on your bill for certain cards. Try finding out all the deals for your credit card, and make the best of it.

4. Used Gift Cards are a Gift to Your Wallet

We usually shop from a set place for set items. You will most likely have a gift card or membership card that you recently used, is valid, or was valid. Use all of them. Having gift cards, albeit used, can sometimes help you save up to 10%. If you are lucky and get discounted gift cards, then your savings can go up to 25%. 

Make sure to make a list of all the cards that you have, rewards that you get, points that you can redeem, and gift cards that you can acquire. Knowing what you have in your arsenal will help you save more than you can imagine.

Final Thoughts

Little things might not seem important and might not seem much but when added it becomes a significant saving. Try to get every discount, make use of every sale, use every trick in the book, and that will help you not cut corners with gift-giving but still not push you toward debt. Happy shopping!

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