5 Places To Sell Your Antiques For Highest Profit

An antique is any item that is at least a century old and has some historical/cultural significance to it. If you do possess such an item in your house, you cannot let this money-making opportunity pass away. You can turn your old collectible into cash by putting it on an auction or sell it for a fixed price.

Here are a few places to sell your antiques for the highest profit.


eBay is known for its buyers who want unusual and expensive artwork for themselves. Whether it is paintings or ancient coins, there is a buyer for everything art-related items on eBay. The same goes for Antiques.

A century-old book, map, coin, musical instrument, or clothes, everything can be sold for a high profit on eBay. You can either put your antique on auction or set a fixed price for it.


As the name suggests, this is a website where you can buy or sell your Antique items or collectibles. Anything the is older enough and looks vintage enough is in demand on

If you have a lot of Antique items and collectibles, you can advertise on instead of competing with other sellers. This website is a decade old and has thousands of visitors daily. So, you are guaranteed to get orders within a few days of putting up an ad on


Rubylane is an online Antique marketplace. They sell over $125,000 worth of merchandise daily. With over 1 million visitors per month on their website, this might be the right place to offload your collection of Antiques for a top dollar.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up with their website and list your item for sale. You upload multiple high definition images of your item and write a compelling description to boost sales.

4. Local Flea Market

local market

Flea markets provide an opportunity to sell unwanted and surplus items lying in your home. Customers usually attend this type of a market to a market to either window shop or have fun with their friends. No one who visits a flea market knows what to expect.

Antiques are naturally eye-catching. Plus, in a flea market, they will stand out from the rest. So, you have a good chance of selling them for a high profit. Just be friendly and make enough room in your booth for customers to touch/feel the items.


You can try Shopify for 14 days without paying a penny or giving them your credit card details. 14 days would be more than enough to be able to sell your antique item for a good price.

To get started, you have to set up a small eCommerce website where you will be listing your antique items for sale. There is also a built-in mobile shopping cart. So, your customers can buy from any device or any location of their choice.

Being said that, Shopify is generally not preferred by one time sellers or people who wish to sell 1 03 2 items quickly. It is a large platform that can be used as a part of your long term business strategy.

The bottom line

Before listing your antique item online. Don’t’ forget to do some research on it. Who knows, if it is more than 200 years old, you could easily double your earnings. Search for similar items online and see what price they are being sold at. If possible, contact the sellers and have a chat. They might buy it themselves. You never know where your next customer can come from.

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