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6 Meetups About Frugal Living You Should Attend

Are you interested in learning about the concept of “frugal living” from people already practicing it? is a place where you will find groups organized and managed by experts in frugal living, minimalism, affordable travel, backpacking, and many more. 90 percent of the posts on this site is 100 percent free of cost, while there are a few who charge anywhere from $5-$10. This platform allows you to learn about this lifestyle and also have lasting friendships with like-minded people.

Here are the 6 Meetups about Frugal Living you should attend

1. Free fun in Vegas


Interested in doing fun activities under $5? “Free fun in Vegas” is a meetup group based in Las Vegas, NV with more than 4 thousand active members. It is free to join and you won’t be charged any membership fee. The idea behind this meetup is to come together on weekends and indulge in fun and affordable activities. Some of the activities include biking, shopping in the farmer’s market, skating with family members, hiking, etc.

2. Thriftaholics

Are you hesitant to visit a thrift store all by yourself? Now you don’t have to. Thrift stores have always been associated with poverty and hence, even the people don’t feel comfortable visiting them. They feel judged. The meetup group I am talking about in this section is known as “Thriftaholics” and they are based in New York. They conduct regular meetups where the organizers take the members to the nearest thrift store for shopping and fun purposes.

3. Goodwill Shopping Meetups

Goodwill is the most recognized thrift store in the country. They are mostly run by volunteers and charity groups. The meetup group “Goodwill Shopping Meetups” is all about buying your favorite outfits for one-fourth of their original price. By joining this group for free, you get to shop along with other like-minded folks in the DC area.

4. Wichita Homesteading & Sustainability


“Wichita Homesteading & Sustainability” is a meetup group dedicated to people who dream of becoming 100 percent self-sufficient one day. Homesteading is a lifestyle that requires you to grow your food, built a farmhouse, indulge in gardening, create woven fabric, etc. This organizer of this meetup group conducts events all over the city of Wichita, KS. 

5. Boston area freegan and dumpster diving meetup

Are you interested in dumpster diving? Now you can join a group and have others with the same mindset go dumpster diving with you. Homeless people all around the world make a living by searching through garbage for edible food or items of value. I am not asking you to eat food out of a dumpster. That could turn out to be dangerous. But you sure can find a lot of valuable stuff like furniture, electronics, books, etc that can be used by yourself or donated for charity. The group “Boston area freegan and dumpster diving meetup” is all about that.

6. Rent Reduction Secrets

This meetup group is run by the author of the book “Rental Secrets”, Justin Pogue. As the name suggests, Justin teaches his members about reducing the expenses involved in renting a home. Particularly, in the San Jose, CA area. This is relatively a new meetup group and has fewer members. Events are quite affordable considering the value it has to offer.

The bottom line

It’s very common to be skeptical about attending an event full of strangers. But this website attracts people who are either successful in their life or trying to be. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed or taken advantage of, here.

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