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6 Ways to Excite Your Customers

It is known that excited customers tend to bring in 23 percent more profits that regular customers who are not that engaged. With the digital world taking at toll, the marketing teams of businesses all across the world are constantly coming up with different strategies to channelize the energy of their customers into profits. Positive experiences tend to generate excitement and engagement. If you ever come across a football fan, he/she would describe their beloved team as a part of their personality, their character. That is engagement.

There are reports that suggest that in the next two years, customer experience will end up taking the crown as the key differentiator, leaving price and product quality far behind. So, how are you supposed to foster this factor, so that you can turn this excitement into profits? Here are some tips to excite your customers towards your brand and product. Read along:

(1) You could share some of your behind the scenes stories on social media, especially through the Live feature that Facebook, Instagram and YouTube offer. For example, Disney often posts these “Behind the Scenes” videos that describe the journey behind the magical experience that audiences have on the screen, and what effort is put in into creating those lifetime experiences.

(2) You could hold a survey, ask few questions to understand your customers. Survey can be very helpful in understanding what variety your customers are looking for. Make sure you turn these surveys into lengthy questionnaires, because that could irritate your followers, instead of exciting them.

(3) In today’s market, brands need to personalize their marketing campaigns. Instead of sending out mass messages, focus on tailoring posts that shows that you know and understand your customer.

(4) If there is something that people tend to notice when their product is delivered is the packaging. World’s leading brands are focusing on enhancing the “unboxing” experiences of their customers. While people tend to toss out the packaging of most of their brands, they tend to keep the Apple boxes, because the package is pretty.

(5) People want to associate themselves with a brand that has a purpose. For example, IKEA gets 50 percent of their wood from sustainable trees, uses solar panels and has a control on the water usage in each of its stores. Customers value companies that have a social initiative.

(6) You could also launch an online contest for your customers, which is another way of getting your followers all hyped up for a while.

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