Taking a Break for Memorial Day

Hello, dear friends!  As we celebrate Memorial Day here in the U.S. and honor the fallen who died serving our country, I’m taking a break from writing in order to spend time with loved ones. Sending a big shout-out/thank you to all who serve in the Armed Forces in every country – we appreciate you […]

Natural Disasters and Preparedness

Last week, Ruth wrote about the horrible flooding in her area that left many dealing with destroyed homes, and even some fatalities. Natural disasters are horrible things. When the earth gets off kilter, winds rave, fires ravage, rains crash down,  and the happenings destroy much in their paths.

The Unexpected – Is it Making You Nervous?

The other day when I called my brothers to give them the scoop on my mom (she’d had some medical problems, but she’s fine now, thankfully), I talked with my older-younger brother right away, but I was a bit surprised when my youngest brother didn’t answer the phone right away, and even more surprised when […]

I Didn’t Know We Were Weird

As I’ve been increasing interaction with the “normal” online world (i.e., non-frugalistic crazy, non-obsessed with budgeting and spreadsheets people) through a variety of freelancing jobs, I’m noticing something. Those of us who are working toward financial freedom have a completely different idea of what a “need” and a “want” are than the rest of society.

Other Peoples’ Money

Awhile back on The Frugal Farmer I wrote about how household consumer debt is rising again. In the article, I referenced an anonymous article I read that said it was okay that consumer debt balances were increasing because the delinquency rates were low; about half what they were during the Great Recession. We seem to […]