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How can You Take Advantage of the Festive Season to Boost Your Sales

Festivities put an undue stress on people under which they will buy stuff even in hardest of times. This is the perfect situation that can be taken advantage of. Only a small effort made at your end will boost the sales manifold.

In any part of the world, everyone waits the whole year for the next festive season. Especially businessman, as it is their bounty time!

But the question now is that how does one increase the sales? The obvious answer to that question is that more customers will shop more. Now the next question that arises is how do we get more customers? This question leads to two more questions, how do we get customer to notice our business and why should they come or why would they come to your shop?

Let’s get some answers for these questions one by one.

  • How to get more customers?

This is assuming that your business has a quality product or service that the customers would want to have or experience if they get to know about it. Organize a sale. Typical, yet, it is the best idea that still works and will keep working in future too. Every company, big or small, does hold a sale whenever a festival is around the corner. In the sale,

Provide discounts. Having a sale precisely means that only. To give away your goods and services at a price lower than the normal price, that is, discounted price. While providing discounts, keep in mind not to settle at mere 5% and 10% discounts. The customers are also aware and know of the schemes of the shopkeepers. Minimum 20% discount on all products across the shop is the beginning point. Keep higher offs on individual products. Keep a bargaining agreement. Keep a bargaining agreement on the whole bill amount. If someone shops for $2000 dollars then they get some extra special offers, something of this kind. These offers easily trick the customers into buying more just to avail the offer. This one will surely line up customers. They start buying stuff that they do not even require at the moment just to reach the limit on which the offer starts.

  • Do not limit the discount to a single product.

But a common mistake that needs to be avoided is the limitation of any offer to a single product. Doing this eliminates those purchasers who are not in the need of that commodity. What you need to do is attract as much customers as possible.

  • Advertise extensively.

All the discounts offered will be futile if no one gets to know that there is a sale going on. Advertisement is extremely crucial. Do it properly and start early. Target those mediums where there are maximum number of potential customers. Print and circulate flyers. Advertise in the newspapers, television and radio channels. Use the extensive reach of social media to your advantage. Create accounts on major social media platforms and market your product or service there. Leave no stone unturned.

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