Poverty and Perseverance

I talked a bit about my mom in this Fruclassity interview a year and a half ago, but I wanted to share some encouragement today about how mom went from serious poverty and persevered to financial security. Now, her idea of financial security might not be what yours is, but compared to where she started […]

Gazelle Intense: Month Two

“If you’re a regular reader, you might remember that one month ago today I issued a badassity challenge to my family. For July, August and September, we’re going gazelle intense with our budget. We’ve got several big expenses coming up the next few months, and I want to be able to pay them in cash […]

So You Want to Get Out of Debt

Good morning, Fruclastic friends!!  I get a fair number of inquiries from readers each month letting me know that they would like to begin the process of getting out of debt. I remember vividly being at that place in our journey; the place where we were like “Enough! I don’t want to do this anymore!” […]