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College Inspired Hacks to Save Money

As a college student money management can become one big of a deal since most of them haven’t have had the opportunity to hold financial responsibilities before.  Thus as soon as you enter college, you may find yourself spending much more than you would think by the end of the month.  This is where money saving hacks comes to your rescue!

We understand that money saving isn’t a cup of tea because it requires some smart saving strategies as well as emotional withholding. Thus here we bring to you a list of some smart money saving hacks which are not only smart but also very practicable and actionable!

Rent your college textbooks instead of buying them.

This is one of the very important things you need to do in college if you are planning to save some money.  Buying textbooks may end up burning a hole in your pocket as most of them are expensive so you may cut down your expenses here by renting textbooks from online websites like or others. You may also issue books from library which will only help you in saving more!

Wisely avail all the facilities of coupon cards, loyalty points and reward cards!

This is yet another important hack which shouldn’t be ignored.  You may find so many coupons coming on the newspaper every one or the other day. Also when you buy from several stores they provide you with loyalty cards or rewards cards. Many at times we tend to ignore these things because we think that it will only give a lesser discount. Bu trust me, it may not work for one or two days but in the long term it may end up saving you a lot of money without even you being aware of it.  This is quite a smart hack to save money.

Cut the cables and stream all your favorite shows!

For most of the college student watching TV shows tops the list of their favorite thing to do in the free time. And  with the internet becoming popular among the youth, today almost all your favourite series can be found on the internet or even downloaded for free from several authenticated websites. Thus instead of paying for those cables you can prefer watching shows online. And hence cut down your expenses while still enjoying what you love!

Go in groups and shop in bulk!

This is one thing that not only improves your financing skills but also your social bonding. When in college we all tend to have friends. So what you can do is that next time whenever you go for shopping makes sure that you go in groups and do bulk shopping. When you shop things in bulk you get a lot of discount and if you do this in groups you can even make contributions so that you don’t have to pay a lot!  This is mainly applicable for students living in hostels.  When you live in hostel s the things that you buy can be shared among all of you together. But even if you are not living in a hostel, you can still at least buy things in bulk and avail the maximum discounts!

Thus by using the above hack you can easily master the art of smart money management strategies when in college. These hacks will help you saving a lot of money in the long term!

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