Don’t Be Just Another Brick in the Wall

Don’t Be Just Another Brick in the Wall

Don’t Be Just Another Brick in the Wall

When Pink Flyod in 1979, asked everyone not to be just another brick in the wall, did we not understand the message? The song is not just another billboard charts topper, but talks about much deeper facts of life and society. The song captures the spirit of the youth, the energy and the talent. The song questions the system of education which is necessary for us to get us jobs, but in the process is taming the wild souls we have. The song is about setting up your own life terms, about questioning the things we were always told to blindly believe. It highlights the importance of the right to freedom- to make your mistakes and learn from them.

We need to realize that studying textbooks cannot kill the logic in our heads. There have been many instances when you’ve killed your desire to do something, only because that doesn’t seem to fit appropriately in the society frame of rules. Why are we told to be calm and not question? Why are we always told what to do, how to do it- choices about small things, what to eat, how to read, where to go- where is the space to make our own decisions?

A society trying to create uniformity in the way each one thinks and behaves, creates insecurities in minds of the people.  You have to do things the way they’ve always been done, simply because someone did it their way and convinced the whole world that it is the only right way to do it. We have just created boundaries around us, living in cages, trying to shield ourselves from non-empathetic world around us.

The ‘wall’ is the self-isolating barrier we build over the course of our lives as a result of low self-esteem and inadequacy, and the events that turn us inward and away from others. There are people who give into this slavery and some who turn into aggressive rebels. Either way we are disrupting our lives in some way or the other. We are all bricks of the wall, sealed up, blocked into some corner where we don’t want to be.

So what do we do? Rebel? Rebellion is not acting out violently to make people listen to our demands- but a way of intelligent questioning. You are not supposed to attack or resist aggressively. Instead of resisting classroom lectures by bunking, we need to spend our time understanding and questioning them. That is when we could actually begin to break them down. Instead of making our point by throwing abusive remarks on the authorities, we could challenge them with intelligence. All you need is courage, patience and hope.
Don’t break them with sticks and stones, break them with your logic and intellectual.

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