nothing stands still

You Either Gross or Regress- Nothing Stands Still

We have been constantly reminded of how time waits for no one, about how everything around us is moving, either forward or backwards, about how each of our action has some consequence, about change, movement. Early humans spent their lives in a very hard way, wrapped themselves with tree leaves and animal skin, hunted wild animals to feed themselves, lived in caves. Today we wear fashionable clothes, eat a variety of foods, and live under a concrete roof. Man has grown over these years, discovered new things, rediscovered old ones and created things that haven’t existed on the face of the earth. While mankind has moved on with the science and technology, there have also been degradations and destructions- wars, global warming, killings, and diseases. ‘Change he called a pathway up and down, and his determines the birth of the world.’

Life is a like a game of staircases. Every right decision takes you closer to reach the top, your destiny. Every wrong choice forces you to climb down a few steps, but in this game of stairs, you are not allowed to stay on the same step, you can’t play safe by not doing anything and waiting for luck to play its role. There is a result for an action only.

Our aim is to embrace this change in the most productive manner, and grow intellectually. Suppose we’ve started with a fat loss program to lose weight and stay fit. Techniques, diets have changed over years. Experts have disagreed on old routines, and recommendations have been made. We proved that internal training is better than slow cardio approach of the past. Now we are showing that bodyweight circuits are as goods, if not better than interval training. You must change with the times. Adapt to the changes around yourself, and let your body and mind grow along with those changes.

When we don’t progress, we regress. When we decide to let comfort take over our life, we are failing to move forward. You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable, make a move, discover your desires, your potential, overcome your fears and move forward. You’ll make a few mistakes, but you are as flexible as the waterfall, you’ll fall and still be able to move with the flow of life.

About a thousand years ago, Plato said, “Everything flows and nothing remains. Everything flows and nothing abides. Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed. Everything flows and nothing remains. All is flux, nothing is stationary. All is flux, nothing stays still. All flows, nothing stays.” The world is moving, the universe is changing every second, time is passing by, you either grow or regress. You are the river, don’t act like the rock.

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