Let Freedom Ring in Your Finances

Today is America’s Independence Day, and as I ponder the blessing that is freedom in America, I can’t help but think about the blessing that is freedom from the burden of debt.

I still read about and hear about in real life so many people who have not yet taken that first step toward debt freedom. They’re still bound by the lies that broke people believe. Lies such as:

  • debt is normal
  • we just don’t make enough money
  • I really don’t spend that much

These are all lies that Rick and I fell for the first seventeen years of our marriage. The lies that we fell for and the money mistakes we made wreaked havoc on our lives in so many ways that I dare not even try to count.

We spent nearly two decades in denial about the real cause of our money troubles, and getting out of those troubles hasn’t been easy. We’ve had to not only work on learning how to be good stewards of our money from a practical standpoint, but also to forge freedom from chains we didn’t even know were there.

I get why people still live in denial about their debt and their ability to get out of it. Change can be a scary thing. Digging up the real reasons behind why we spend more than we should can be downright terrifying.

And need I even mention how very easy today’s credit and advertising industry has made it to borrow and spend money? How every commercial is made with the intent of convincing people that their life is far less than full without ownership of said product?

We had our eyes opened to these truths three-and-a-half years ago, yet I’m still stunned by the impact of them.

But what hits me even harder is the freedom that dumping debt brings. The freedom that even having a plan to dump debt brings.

As I watch our debt balances go down, and as I work our monthly budget each month with dwindling minimum payments as the debt balances go down, it’s as if a ginormous weight is slowly being lifted off of us. Every month we can breathe just a little bit easier knowing that our slave masters (the lenders we owe) are losing their hold over us, over our money and over our time.

As I ponder nearly daily our powerful journey toward freedom, I can’t help but think about America’s founding fathers; how they, after being imprisoned and persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ, chose to take the terrifying step onto a crowded ship, hoping and praying that their long journey would result in the freedom to worship Christ as they pleased.

Their journeys were not often pleasant, nor were their beginnings in this new land called America. It was tough taking the steps toward freedom, and tough learning to live life in a new way.

And so it is (although on an astronomically smaller scale) for many who choose to face up to the troubles that got them into debt and begin a journey toward freedom from debt.

Choosing to dump your debt and begin living your financial life in a way that goes against the normal of most people in America (76% of Americans reportedly live paycheck-to-paycheck) is difficult, but an even bigger percentage of the people who’ve completed the journey (100% – at least in my research) say it’s well worth the trouble to buckle down and pay off debt.

So, my friends, give yourself the gift of freedom this fourth of July – financial freedom. Choose today to make and start working your plan to achieve debt freedom, and to let freedom ring in your financial life. You deserve it.

15 comments on “Let Freedom Ring in Your Finances

  1. Happy 4th of July, America : ) I often wonder how those who sacrificed so much for our freedom would feel if they knew how many of us have squandered it on bondage to debt. I think that by getting our financial acts together, we’re honouring previous generations who paved the way for our freedom.

  2. Being able to throw the albatross off your neck is an awesome feeling. My wife & I are looking forward to doing it again soon when our house is paid off in a couple years.

    Thanks for mentioning our founders’ journies as well! Our own personal challenges are trivial compared to theirs. Thankfully they helped create a system that has helped allow the social & financial mobility that can allow debtors to become lenders.

  3. It’s an amazing feeling, to start to feel those chains of debt slipping away. We still have a ways to go, but we’re really starting to feel the shift in momentum. I agree that declaring true freedom is only possible once you’ve escaped from the clutches of debtors. Happy 4th of July and here’s to celebrating our own independence day in the near future 🙂

    1. That is awesome!!!! So glad you guys are starting to feel that release too. Yes, our independence days will be great!

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