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How to Give an Effective Presentation During Work

An employee’s life is full of the preparation and the presentations. A presentation can lead to your promotion but sometimes it can also make the boss fire you. To make sure it’s the first case, you have to go well prepared for the presentation to show your colleagues who is the boss. So here are some tips to give a mind-blowing presentation at your work.

  • Connect with the audience and be passionate about your subject

Connect with the audience and show them your passion for the subject. They should know that you have done everything passionately and you are interested in the topic. It should not look like the topic has been forcefully assigned to you.

  • Keep your focus on what audience wants to hear

Keep in mind the need of the audience. A presentation is not for you but for the audience. Make sure you reach the heart and mind of the audience by speaking what they want to hear. During the presentation, you have to keep an eye on the reactions of the audience, modify your speech accordingly.

  • Focus on the core message and keep it simple

Sometimes it happens that the person giving the presentation takes a topic and starts to wander somewhere else. This should not happen in your case at all. You have to stick to the core concept and revolve around it. Keep your message simple so that the audience can understand it, don’t confuse them.

  • Make eye contact with the audience and smile

You don’t have to make a face that scares the audience, smile, relax and make eye contact with the audience. Show them you are interested and explaining them the presentation. Though every single person would be staring at you then, you have to keep smiling without getting nervous.

  • Have a strong start

You have to start your presentation with a better hold. As the start of the presentation is the most crucial part, you have to grab the interest of the audience. Have a strong start by introducing the topic to the audience to catch their interest. Otherwise, you will end up in an audience who is not just interested.

  • Follow the 10-20-30 rule

Follow the 10-20-30 rule by making not more than 10 slides in a presentation, it shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes and don’t cross the font size of 30.

To make just 10 slides, don’t over stuff your slides with the information, you have to keep it simple, concise and precise.

  • Tell stories

After each point, explain the topic through a story, it will create more interest and the engagement of the audience. The audience would respond to you and you will gain more confidence. Telling stories is also a better way of communication at a presentation.

  • Use your body movements

While explaining the points, move your body parts to explain them in a better way. Hand movements, eye contact, and gestures would drive them towards you.

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