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How To Retire In Comfort

If you want to spend your retirement doing more of the things that you’ve always wanted to do when you’re no longer expected to show up for work, then you need to plan your retirement as well as possible.

Short-term planning works before retirement. It’s possible to organize your finances on a week by week basis because you can calculate your costs based on your income.  But when it comes to how you’ll spend your money during your retirement years, you’ll need long-range plans.

While your plans should focus on financial affairs, of course, they should also include how you will spend your retirement years. Set meaningful goals to enjoy this time of your life.

Research Life Insurance

One of the best ways to protect your wealth and give your loved one’s financial protection is to get life insurance. But it’s not easy to choose a life insurance product as there are numerous factors to consider.

One company that has been going strong since 1905 is Lincoln Life Insurance. Endorsed by Abraham Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, this company strives to live up to its high ideals when it comes to fulfilling their promises. You can read a detailed review about it on PolicyZip.com

Match Your Employer’s 401 (k) Offer

Offer to match your employers 401(k) plan because it’s essentially free money. If your employer offers to match 50 percent of your employee contributions up to five percent of your salary you are getting a nice chunk of money.

If, say, you earn $100,000 and decide to make a contribution of $5,000 toward your retirement plan, then your employer would add another $2,500. Think about it as getting $2,500 without having to put in any extra work in the office!

Delay Social Security as Long as Possible

Although you may be counting the days when you can pick up your social security check when you turn 62 years old, this may not be a good idea. Here’s why: every year you put off getting your social security payment, you increase how much you can receive every month. You will max out on your social security benefits at age 70.

One way to delay postponing your need for your social security check is to get a side hustle, something that you can do even after you quit your regular job. For instance, if you are an expert on something, you could build a blog to share your knowledge with others.

Invest in Annuities

An annuity is a financial product that will provide you with a fixed income when you retire.  Although this product comes in many flavors, the basic premise is the same: pay a lump sum then get a fixed income payment over the life of the annuity.

This may be better than a regular investment if you’re not sure how to profit from the financial markets and end up breaking even on your wins and losses. It will not only relieve you of the strain of trying to time the markets, but it will solve the riddle of how to receive a steady stream of income during your retirement years.

Naturally, you should do your due diligence when it comes to finding a reputable company that does not gauge you with excessive fees. Once you find a good company, make sure you understand exactly how their annuity product works before you buy it.

In summary, the best way to enjoy your retirement is to make long-range plans for it. These plans should include selecting life insurance, matching your employer’s 401 (k), delaying social security, and investing in annuities.

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