How to Improve You Mental Ability for Competitive Exams and Admissions


Since childhood, many aspirants have some traumatic experiences when they see a set of Data or Logical puzzles. If you are also one of them, and you still get traumas seeing DI sets in mocks, let me tell you this- you CANNOT even imagine clearing any competitive examination by keeping the same inhibitions in your head regarding data interpretation, aptitude and logical reasoning. It is EASY, believe me, you just need to stop presuming it to be tough. There are some 2-3 very basic tricks regarding data analysis and reasoning sections overall, which can make you fall in love with this section and not dread it. Get comfortable with numbers, basic calculations and then, JUST PRACTICE and then practice a little more. That’s it, I just bluntly gave away the easy way to top in the aptitude section of any examination. So get your guns rolling, soldier, one month is still ample time to turn things around with DI LR. Get ready to improve. You can and you will.

And you don’t need to fiddle around here and there to figure out how to do that. I’ve made things easier for you. I’ve collected all the required tips and tricks at one spot for you to grasp the concepts of data interpretation and logical reasoning through just some few points:

  • Make sure you take out proper time for this. If you can go for long sittings, you can improve your aptitude in just one day.
  • You also need to get enough practice questions along with answers and explanations so that you can get your hands on how to solve these kinds of questions.
  • Well, I don’t know if you’ve spent uncountable hours playing games like GTA or Smack Down or not, but these games became a smooth ride with the help of some popular cheat codes which made life so easy. Similarly, cheat codes will make your SATs pretty easy. They are a collection of super-shortcutsformulastricks and minute details of each topic, neatly packed in a 2-minute read that’ll make life easier for you.
  • And don’t let your motivation level go down, that’ll drive most of your results. Stay motivated, you got to zip past the competition. Work hard no matter what. Give up on leisure, give up on random needless tasks. You very well know what things you waste most of your time on.

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