Is Insurance worth it?

Money is something that teaches you a lot of values. The time and energy required to earn a certain amount makes you realise and empathise with all other earning member on this planet. Managing your money is an art and a science.  It is now that with various communication options available today, people are aware of such options. But still not many know where to invest it for security purposes. Insurance sector is one such field wherein people find it quite useless. But this scheme shouldn’t be taken for granted. It requires proper understanding to choose the right plan as per one’s capability and need. Before this one must understand what is insurance all about.

Insurance is basically ensuring that your particular section is secured. It means that you invest in a certain amount of money regularly and can redeem the benefit when the time period is done. Usually, it is a long term investment. It is of immense help as you can get money in terms of need. The need is decided at the time of starting to give the amount. There are many types of insurance like health insurance, car insurance, bike insurance, life insurance, etc. with more and more types emerging it is a way to put a part of your current income to secure the mishaps of future with added benefits. For example, if your car is stolen or gets into some serious damage, if it is covered under the insurance policy, you won’t have to spend thousands of rupees instantly or borrow from somebody. In terms of deteriorating health, health checkups, medicines, treatment, and other such expenses, a proper in-time health insurance could prove so much beneficial.

So insurance is basically using your own money of the present in future cases. The company just needs to be aware and check of the reality of the incident and then everything is on them. Ultimately it is spending your money the other way. It has huge advantages as the mishaps don’t come when one is prepared enough. These happen so quickly and shockingly that people are left with no time to think for the financial help. Plus the persons depending upon the ones subjected to the mishap would be so much left in despair. So to save one from such vulnerabilities, insurance is a magical tool. The benefit that comes with these is the fact that they emerge themselves as per the evolving patterns of the society. So with so many cancer patients, a health insurance scheme exists which is curated specifically for the disease and related expenses. So it is afresh scheme always.

There are still many people who are unaware of this great tool. The governments are trying to aware and educate as much as possible. Recently government of India has launched a nation wide scheme to provide insurance to needy families. The cover is also huge and the benefits are definitely worth it. So if you are able to get more than you have given over a period of time and at the time of urgency without any trouble then it shouldn’t be doubted. Just that all the documents, instructions, legalities should be read properly.

So yes it is worth all your effort! Go ahead and get yourself insured today!

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