Labor Day Facts

Happy Labor Day, American and Canadian readers alike! I found this fun infographic about Labor Day travels, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Are you traveling on Labor Day? Most people see it as the “last hurrah” weekend of summer before we gear up for school starting and the impending fall season. We will be traveling just down the road a stretch to hike at a beautiful state park near here. Complete with picnic lunch and great weather, I can’t think of a better (or cheaper πŸ™‚ )way to spend our day.

Labor Day Facts

I found it interesting that so many people traveled in 2008 on Labor Day. Things were NOT good economically for Americans, yet we had a record number of Labor Day travelers that weekend. Was it because people were stressed and needed to get away like never before, or because we hadn’t yet faced up to the economic mess from the housing bubble burst?

I also found it exciting that while the national average for gas prices is $2.45 this year, we filled up yesterday for $2.29 – woohoo!

The Fruclassity team hopes that you have a wonderfully fun and safe Labor Day, wherever you are.

What is it that you find interesting about this infographic?

What are you doing on Labor Day? Feel free to share below in the comments.

labor day infographic

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  1. We did almost exactly what you did yesterday : ) We went with 2 daughters and our dog to a provincial park about 115 km from our home (71 miles), brought a picnic, and spent the day swimming in a lake. We were amazed at how many cars were parked in the picnic area. I didn’t realize that so many people traveled Labour Day.

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