Laughter therapy

Laugh to Stay Healthy and Stay Fit

In today’s busy and unhealthy routines, it is difficult to manage time for our loved ones, make time for our friends who themselves are busy with their on life and circumstances. With booming population, the competition is getting fierce day by day. Everybody has to go a notch higher to prove himself/herself. Amidst all these tensions and worries, to stay healthy and staying fit is a difficult but manageable task. Even the wishes for birthday and blessings at the functions have taken this phrase as stay healthy and stay fit. But the sole motive is to figure out that how do we actuate it. The simplest, cheapest way to remain healthy and fit is to laugh your heart out.

Laughing on jokes is a thing which rejuvenates and refreshes your soul in some another style. It has the power to make your inner self happy. And when your soul is happy it reflects out on your body, health, mind and brings a natural glow on the face. Whenever you move around a health club or a garden nearby, generally you get to see all the members laughing loudly and together. It may look funny but it creates positive vibrations all around. It has got this health factor included in it.

The benefits of laughing are immense on the positive side. The laughter should come out naturally and it should be just for the sake of it. That is why people start to laugh consciously at the club in the starting but listening everybody laugh makes them laugh naturally. This initiates positive waves in the body, de-stresses your soul and strengthens your immune system. So it is often that you would see healthy people are those who are cheerful and laughing their way out even in the most difficult times of their lives. It does create the best memories when you laugh with your friends. There is a magical element to it which naturally makes you feel all the pleasure, positivity and love all around.

Laughing is contagious and in today’s difficult financial times the most cheap, accessible and abundantly available to all. It can heal a person who is deeply in stress or some other difficulty. Having said that, rather written that, it is not that one should laugh in a backdrop of teasing someone. You can laugh on a joke but not on somebody else’s situation of life. You cant predict the terrible pain and struggle the person might be in. try to make him/her laugh in order to help him out of the stressful situation.

Sometimes, laughing is not only the physical laughter and that too on a joke itself. It is desirable that one should laugh on one’s mistakes too and learn from them. You can always compare to the easy and the times spent with your friends with laughter all the way. Back then, everything has some element of laughter in it. You can go back to the previous days even now. Just take time out to find laughter in life and life will smile back at you.

Smile, laugh, enjoy your life!

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