Money is Important but so is Health

Money is one of the essential things in every person’s life. It is, whether you agree or not. It is the driving force to a lot of decisions you make about your life. You settle in life or live your life the way you want because of it.

There is a fine balance that we often need to maintain in order to live a life of financial comfort. It is not superficial to actually be thoughtful of money. At the end of the day, if you don’t have the money, you don’t have control over your own life and the way you live. Which, in turn, becomes the root cause of many health and mental issues.

How you ask. Well, when we don’t have enough money to be financially independent, we often burn ourselves out trying to make more money.

What we often forget is that “money is temporary, but health is permanent.”

It’s such a common thing to do that we have forgotten what work-life balance is supposed to be. Everyone is busy making themselves busier. When you are busy,  you stop caring about working out or eating healthy. Yes, you are completely engaged in your work and are hustling for a better future, but if you aren’t healthy how is more money going to help? 

Honestly, it doesn’t take as much time to make small changes for better health. When we are young, our body has better metabolism and responds to actions and changes faster. Simply put, it is way more difficult to attain a healthy body and brain when you go past your twenties – which is why while now is the time to further your career, it is also the time to better your health for the future.

Not only does a bad lifestyle cause bad health, but it also makes you less productive. Your body without proper care and food is simply not sharp enough to yield the results you are expecting to earn more.

As you grow up, we realize that saving and investing are huge parts of managing your finances. Living from hand to mouth isn’t exactly feasible and no one in their right minds wants to do that. To have more money and to make your money work for you, you need to know how to invest it. While this is considered a pain by many because it isn’t easy if you don’t take efforts, it is still something that you have to do.

Monthly Budget with a Twist

Set goals before the month to have a monthly budget with a twist. Don’t stop after creating a financial budget for the month. Start analysing your spending habits and categorise them with essential and luxury spendings so that your budget makes sense in the long run as well. After this, you can set goals for the month to come based on data to help.

Having a budget does not mean you need to be a miser and give up on things that make you happy – no – as I said before, we need to find a line. A budget simply helps you be transparent with your spendings, it helps you be in control of your financial life. The control you have over your financial life often helps you take control of a healthy lifestyle.

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