Rakuten Ebates Review – Best Money Making App

Rakuten Rewards, formerly known as Ebates is an eCommerce company located in San Fransisco Bay Area. After acquiring the popular messaging app Viber, the Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten had bought Ebates for about $1 billion. Rakuten Ebates has both a mobile app and a website where a user can cashback while shopping online at over 2,500 stores including some popular ones like Amazon and Home Depot.

Here’s how you can earn cashback: The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. Just download and install the app from the relevant marketplace. Or you can also use the website if you are using a desktop. Next, find your favorite store and shop as usual. Once you are done putting items in your cart, you will get to see how much money you are rewarded back for your shopping with Rakuten Ebates. The final step is to get paid by PayPay or a check.

Features of Rakuten Ebates App

1. Earn cashback on your travels and vacations

Along with your usual shopping, now you can also earn massive cashback on travel and vacations. That too, without the hassle and risk of using a credit card. Book hotels, rentals, cars, flights and pick from some invitingly-priced packages. You can earn cashback from all of the above-mentioned items.

2. Refer to a friend and earn $25 straight up

To make your first $25 without even shopping, just refer the Rakuten Ebates App to your friend. Once your friend installs the app, they get $10 when they first and you get $25 as a reward. This is the easiest way to make money.

3. Get double cash back on select stores

With Rakuten Ebates, you can now get double cash back on some of your favorite stores. For clothes, you can go for stores like H&M, Under Armour, Gap, Reebok and plenty more. Moreover, you can also get twice the cash back you get on other sites on travel. Brands like Expedia and NordVPN are also listed here.

What I like about Rakuten Ebates App

My favorite thing about Rakuten Ebates App is that all major brands are listed here and most of them offer a massive cashback. No other cashback app awards such huge earnings. I can log in to my Rakuten Ebates account and check the amount I can earn as cashback before heading to a physical store. An guess what? Most of the time, I don’t need to go to a physical store, as the prices here are unbeatable.

What I don’t like about Rakuten Ebates App

There are a couple of things I wish the development team at Rakuten

Ebates could work on. First, the app does not include some features that the website has. This can be a huge turn off as I like to use my smartphone to do all the shopping.

Secondly, the app does not maintain the history of my activities(older than 3 months). This can be a problem, particularly while traveling as it’s hard to remember the names of the hotel and restaurant I visited the last time I was there.

My recommendation

I recommend Rakuten Ebates to anyone who spends more than $200 per month on shopping. Also if you travel a lot, you could save a ton of money by earning double cashback. There are very few downsides to using this app.

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