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Save Money on Makeup, Cosmetics and Beauty Products

If you can’t live without makeup and beauty products, there’s no need to let go of them to save money. We’ll teach you some simple money saving secrets while still achieving the same look and without hurting your skin. It’s just a matter of practice, discipline, and practicality that will help you score the best things out there that will fit your budget. Are you willing to take some extra time out of your day to save money on cosmetics and other beauty products? Give it a try and spend less because we’ve got your back and your wallet!

Though big brands in the beauty industry have proven their worth by producing high-quality products, it isn’t necessary for you to spend a big chunk of your monthly income to get the best products out there. There are lots of cheaper products from other brands that will be able to give you the same look you’ve been going for at a lower price.

Don’t Waste Your Products

While at the store, buying beauty products can be tempting, but when you get home, you might realize you already had that color or a better color lipstick and end up tossing it aside and forgetting about it. This is a common problem that impulsive buyers face so be sure to use every bit of your product before buying a new one, and only buy more when you are about to run out.

First, make sure in the store you like the color. Many cosmetic stores will have samples, try them on to make sure they give you the look you want.

Second, if you buy something, use all of it. Instead of tossing it aside, and forgetting about it.

Try Cheaper Brands

Once you become used to using expensive brands, it may take a while for you to change your tastes, but many quality brands are less expensive. Try one or two products first and compare them with your favorite brands. Figuring out which products suit you best can take some trial and error, but if you go to your local beauty store, they have a ton of options, and they have expert employees that can help you pick out cosmetics that work for you.

Look for Sales

Big brands announce sales all the time, so you can start to time your shopping around these sales so you can save money on makeup. Some big companies may not put their most popular products on sale, but you will have plenty of options to choose from. You will not only get the items you love, but you will also enjoy big discounts so it’s great to sign up for weekly reminders so you can prepare your budget.


Some brands offer a subscription service for a reasonable price and send out a few samples of their products to clients in a package. Subscribing is a great opportunity if you want to try other products for the first time without spending big. Some beauty products cost $30 or more while subscribing for a month can be as low as $20 plus a free package of their sample products.

Cut Open the Containers

If you want to save money on beauty products, you can cut them open to ensure that you’ve used it all. You’ll be surprised at how much may be leftover inside that you would have wasted if you hadn’t thought of cutting it open. You’ll encounter this problem the most with lotions and other cream products because they tend to stick. It’s all right, scoop it up and don’t be fooled by its empty-looking container!

Hit Discount Stores

There are many discount stores online and locally where you can buy beauty products from big brands at a low price. Following stores like Marshalls will help you find the best deals at a crazy low price!

Family Sized Products Rock!

Purchasing your most used beauty products in family size might seem too expensive or pricey at first glance, but it’s cost-efficient in the long run. You can calculate your savings by checking the price per ounce and comparing it to the price per ounce of the smaller product. Just make sure to use it before the expiration date, otherwise you would have ended up wasting money instead of saving it.

Use Coupons to Save Money on Makeup

Sometimes the sales are still not enough to fit your budget, so coupons are here to save your wallet! Combine the total amount that you can save on deals and coupons. If you love doing this with grocery shopping, try it when you’re buying makeup too.

DIY Some of Your Favorite Products

The internet has tons of DIY videos making homemade makeup or beauty products. Use your creativity to come up with your homemade beauty solution and save big!

Take Care of Your Beauty Products

No matter how expensive your beauty products are, they need some love to last longer. Store it in a cool, dry place to avoid ruining it.

Now, are you ready to use these saving tips and enjoy more money? Saving money on makeup will make you a smarter and more practical consumer who knows when to splurge and to save money.

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