Serums vs. Creams

We all want to be comfortable in our skin, which is why knowing how to take care of your skin is important. Over time, your skin needs extra help which is why it is a good idea to add creams and serums to your skin care routine.

Here is what you need to know if you are integrating serums and creams into your regimen:


These are typically light, non-greasy and packed with ingredients that are great for your skin. Serums can be used on your face and hands. There are a variety of serums available on the market, like Timeless Skincare’s Ferulic Acid Serum and Matrixyl Synthe 6, both of which contain powerful ingredients to help hydrate skin and promote the production of healthy skin cells. Serums are typically applied morning and night in addition to your regular skin care routine. Prepare to be patient, as it may take several months to attain desired results.


Just like serums, creams can take some time to show results. Creams can vary in purpose and application. While some creams can be used to rejuvenate your face, others are a bit more specific. For instance, certain creams can be used to target the tender skin under the eyes- which needs a bit of extra care anyway- to avoid fine wrinkles, crow’s feet and under eye bags. Under eye creams can be packed with ingredients like Algae Extract to tighten skin. In general, creams tend to be a bit greasier than serums and are typically applied in the evening. Of course, that would depend on the type of cream.

Altering your skincare routine can be tricky and may take a bit of trial and error. To avoid disappointment from would-be products, it is prudent to speak to your dermatologist before adding either a cream or serum to your skin care routine.

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