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Signing Up on Websites Makes Us Spend Money Unsuspectingly

While signing up on websites is one of the most tested ways of saving money by being introduced to discounts and sales as soon as they launch, they are also a reason for us to spend more money.

Signing up for new places and new services can be lucrative for holiday season is what is said last week in my post about ways to find extra savings. Most stores and businesses will usually give you 10-20% off your purchase if you’re a new subscriber, and this can be a great deal when you are actually looking to make a purchase.

If the discount or savings that the businesses are providing for subscribers are significant, then you can use your other accounts and your family’s accounts to sign up as well to get additional discounts was my advice and I stand by it.

But, during other times, when you are not in the market for buying things and are not looking for anything in particular, this practice can totally backfire.

One of the unsuspecting ways businesses get you to spend money is to convince you to come back or visit the site itself. Many retailers will entice you to sign up for loyalty programs, text alerts, or notifications so that you get early access to any discounts or sales they have running, meaning that you can get great deals before they sell out. This urgency that their mails and promotional campaigns create is what drives you to click the link and visit their website.

While the promotional emails, updates, and texts might seem harmless at first and quite possibly useful, they may cause you to spend more money than you normally would.

Our phones are with us 24/7, they have become a part of us. We use phones for so many things, they are always needed, be it personal or professional life. When we are bored we play games, scroll through social media, and go for online window shopping. 

While browsing the latest offerings of our favorite stores seem like a harmless way to pass the time, mobile websites get us to spend more money by introducing sales and discounts, designed around our need to act when we sense urgency. 

The sites are strategically built, easy to use, and also utilize the information we give them to keep us interested by signing up, browsing through their catalog, favoriting things, adding things to our carts or wishlists, and this helps them sell us the next great thing even when we don’t need it.

Final Thoughts

The sign-up emails, promotional emails, promotional alerts that pop up randomly to alert you of new sales or new products and how you can get additional discounts if you purchase items within a certain time period or buy a certain quantity are a way to get you to visit the site. 

Once you check out the sales and new products on offer, it becomes very easy to just click “buy now” when the offers seem good, even if you don’t need something and don’t have any use for it.

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