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Steps to Ensure Employee Safety in the Workplace

Apart from the fact that you need to build a great work environment for the people who work with you, your employees, who are the most important elements of any business, it is also important that they feel safe and comfortable in your office. So, creating a safe working space is an essential for the Human Resource Team and the managers. There should certain safety regulations in place, and it should also be seen that these are being followed by all the members of the company to ensure welfare and well-being of all. A few points to keep in mind are:

  • Awareness: Being aware and paying attention to usual behavior helps in identifying any suspicious activity. Being aware and teaching awareness is a positive and proactive approach by the team, which helps in addressing potential and upcoming dangers before they become an issue for its employees.


  • Develop a Strategic Plan: It is important to come up with a strategy or a plan in order to deal with an emergency situation like a natural calamity or fire or theft. There should be a detailed, well-written plan of action and it should be distributed to all employees.


  • Emergency Exits: When an office is designed, and a proper emergency or fire exit should be incorporated in order to avoid any mishap in time of crisis. All employees should be familiarized with the emergency exit in case of any alarming situation. A document should be made with a map of the exit doorways highlighting proper emergency exit signs.


  • Basic Safety Equipments: CCTV cameras, entry alarm systems, fire alarms and smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, locks, everything that keeps your office premises safe and helps notify in case of any danger.


  • Mock Drills: A theoretical plan is absolutely useless unless employees are actually made to practice the strategies. Conduct frequent mock drills every 3-6 months. Drills make them practice what needs to be done and where to go in time of crisis.


  • Maintenance of the Building: The management needs to make sure that the office premises are inspected time-to-time and any discrepancies are fixed right away. Even a broken step in a staircase can cause a lot of trouble in actual panicky situations.


  • Maintaining a Visitors Log: Proper checking should be done and an entry should be made at the reception itself, of any visitor who comes inside the office premises. It is necessary to check the identification of the visitor and take necessary details before allowing the person to enter the premises.

Be sure, be safe!

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