The Fruclassity Mission

What is The Fruclassity Mission, and how did it come to be?


Welcome to Fruclassity, where frugality is allowed to be fun! Fruclassity is a movement and a community. We believe that the road to debt freedom and financial independence can be traveled without spending 5 years eating nothing but rice and beans. Every day, we find that balance between optimizing our financial outlook and enjoying life along the way.

Fruclassity is made up of two words: “frugal” and “classy”. “Frugal” means kicking debt to the curb. It means shedding a keep-up-with-the-Joneses compulsion, and letting go of an identity based upon material possessions and passport stamps. It’s about getting real, making sacrifices, and taking serious and ongoing responsibility for personal finances. And what about the “classy” in Fruclassity? It’s the affirmation of your uniqueness. The room for “extras” that encompass what you value in life.  It’s the creative side of frugality. How romantic can you make your dinner date at home? What renovations can you do on $100?

More about Fruclassity:


  • Fruclassity encourages you to take that first step – and then the next  – and then the next . . . towards greater frugality and better financial health. But it lets you start from where you are.
  • Fruclassity means that your unique characteristics have permission to express themselves. They aren’t stifled by an unbending frugality.
  • Fruclassity will give you a chuckle. As you develop your frugality muscle, certain quirks will surface – and it’s funny! (Just wait. You’ll see.)
  • Fruclassity means that if you fall off the wagon, you’ll have a community of goodwill to encourage and welcome you back on.
  • Fruclassity recognizes a broad range of income and expenses. It understands that people with high, low, and middle incomes all find it difficult to navigate a culture of material excess and easy credit.  Many of us have made big mistakes, but there is no shame here. Only clear-sightedness, hope, and the resolve to keep managing our money towards a brighter future.


“Fruclassity” & MMM

“Fruclassity” is a term that developed from the comments section of a post written by me (Ruth) at Prudence Debtfree in the summer of 2014 entitled, “MMM’s Subculture of ‘Badassity’: Is It For Me?” Here is part of that post about Mr. Money Mustache:


If you haven’t already heard about him, Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) is a phenomenon. Born and raised in a frugal Canadian household, he worked a professional career after graduating debt-free from a local university, got married, lived without excess, saved hand-over-fist for nine years, and then retired at age thirty. He and his wife now live in the U.S. along with their young son, and are spearheading a subculture of what he calls “Badassity”. It’s a stick-it-to-the-man way of living that involves hyper-frugality, a hard-working do-it-yourself ethic, a preference for bicycles over cars, and a general disdain of all things decadent. People who follow his formula attain financial freedom at an extremely young age. In this subculture of Badassity, wealth accumulates steadily, but since it is not spent, it is available to be given in support of worthy causes. The “badass” ultimately has complete freedom to devote time to friends and family, to develop talents, to pursue interests. I can’t find anything not to admire about MMM’s mandate.

I went on to write a reflection of my own limits when it came to MMM’s extreme frugality, and I realized that  “ultimately, I have to conclude that I’m a mere visitor in the land of Badassity.”


In the comments section of that post, Laurie from The Frugal Farmer wrote:

“Ok, LOVE this!!!!!! We live the same way, and I think we should figure out our own name for it.”


To which I responded:

“Thank you, Laurie. OK, so our subculture won’t have a swear word in it. Agreed? How about Fruclassity – for frugal yet classy?”


Fruclassity & J. Money

Laurie initiated a move forward with our new word, and together, we came up with The 10 Commandments of Fruclassity. In October 2014, we started to write posts about them. Laurie sent me an e-mail message in early November 2014 telling me that J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance fame had contacted her:

“He saw the Fruclassity post, LOVED it (said it was a ‘brilliant concept’) and said that we should pick up the domain just in case we decide to take this further than a series.”


Over the next several months, Laurie and I continued to write posts about Fruclassity and to piece together a vision for a new website. We knew that we wanted to reach a target audience of people like us – people who had a history of bad financial management and who wanted to turn things around. We had each suffered financial distress, and we had each experienced a wake-up realization: “If change is going to happen, I have to change.” Our mission was to be a resource for others who were “waking up”. We knew first hand that financial health did not come about intuitively. There’s a constant discussion involved: questions to be asked, points of view to consider, topics of debate to engage in. We wanted to create a safe space where this discussion could happen despite the powerful taboo against money-talk in our culture. In doing so, we hoped to be an effective source of encouragement to spur people on in their quest for healthier finances and a more abundant life.

Laurie and I had a phone conversation with Jay at the end of January 2015. He caught such a positive vision of Fruclassity that he wanted to take on an ongoing role as our advisor. To be a part of our mission. Jay offers an expertise and a reach in personal finance that gives this project a potential that is exponentially greater than anything we could achieve without him.


Our Fruclassity Mission is to help people around the world to dump debt, build wealth, and yet still have fun along the way. Won’t you join us?

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