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The Significance of Logo in Branding

What exactly is a logo? You see literally thousands of logos almost every day – on TV, on Facebook or Instagram, on YouTube (when you are waiting for your video to load), on the advertisement hoarding that you see across the highways, on your delivery box, everywhere. How fundamental is this logo for any business? To be honest, a logo is the identification of any business, and it is surprising to know that it is one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing. Brand logos are taken for granted.

A logo helps customers and clients to recognize the brand, and reminds them of its existence. You are reminded of Nike every time you see the white tick on any sport shoe or of Starbucks every time you see the queen in green. Without a logo, your brand will certainly be forgotten and you will never be able to establish your products in the market. A brand is nothing without a logo. In fact, it is difficult to find your detergent in the supermarket without the logo on the packaging.

If you view this issue from the perspective of marketing, a logo does much more than mere identification and recognition. A logo is the representation of everything the brand stands for, what it represents and the promises it makes to its customers. What do think every time you see the Coca-Cola logo? What emotions are you filled up with? You think of chilled drink on a hot summer day, where you are relaxing with your friends or family in the backyard of your house. This is the most likely picture anyone will paint. This is because a logo is recognizable for people all across the world – any language or culture.

A logo is necessary to distinguish a particular brand from the rest of its competitors in the same category. Each logo has its own color, type, and design. No two companies will have the same logo, especially if they both belong from the same industry.

Logos are responsible to spark a certain emotion within the customer. It talks about the brand’s message to its customers. It is almost impossible to not feel energetic and inspired after seeing a Reebok logo.

In some cases, the brand name does even have to occur in the logo in order to communicate with the market. Logos offer tremendous awareness, of instant nature, and it is important to notice their importance in branding.

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