Top 5 Budget Tips to Stock Up on Healthy Food

Healthy food can sometimes seem like they cost an arm and a leg when compared to our beloved junk and processed food. When I first started to get healthy and make changes in my lifestyle, the first thing that hit me was the price of healthy produce.

But, over the course of time, I have picked up tips and tricks to help reduce the cost of grocery shopping and make healthy eating more pocket-friendly. Here are some ways to shop for healthier food in an affordable manner.

1. Buy in Bulk

Bulk shopping is your friend here. When you buy in bulk you get the same thing for cheap, and if it has an offer attached to it, then even better. Companies and even retailers offer more discounts on bulk purchases. So, stock up on things that last a long time, especially things like grains and pulses. You can buy frozen food in bulk too or freeze the fresh produce you get.

2. Buy Frozen Produce

Buying frozen fruits and vegetables is often cheaper. You are not compromising on the nutrients here but you get it at a more affordable price and they can last longer, so you can buy in bulk and save more.

Frozen vegetables also make meal planning easier. You will always have something on hand. You don’t have to always get fresh produce, especially for things that are not in season. You can bag up frozen veggies to make different dishes. So, one bag can have mixed vegetables, one can have one specific one, and you can quickly use them for a dish according to your plan.

3. Buy Seasonal Produce

Fruits and vegetables that are in season are cheaper because the supply is there for the demand compared to produce that isn’t – common sense, to be honest. But, knowing what is in season is important for this. You can compare the price of the veggies and fruits to find out. You will often find seasonal produce on sale as well.

4. Freeze or Dry Fresh or Seasonal Produce

To have seasonal produce available to you even when they are not in season, the practice of freezing and/or drying the produce can come handy. They make the fruits and vegetables, even meat last for a long time and can be used quickly. You can buy the frozen or dried version, but if you find fresh produce on sale then you should do it yourself.

5. Compare Prices

This is one of the tips that we anyway use in our day-to-day lives for any kind of shopping. Inculcate that habit when it comes to grocery shopping as well. Price match the produces, especially during sales, so that you can get the best deal.

Final Thoughts

Eating healthier while sticking to your budget isn’t as difficult as it seems. You can start by listing out the things that you would like to buy and start deducing the best strategy based on that like –

  • Where to buy it from?
  • What version to get – fresh, dried, frozen?
  • Whether to bulk buy or limited?
  • Is it seasonal or not?

You can use these categories to segregate your shopping list and get the best deals out there. Let me know if there are any other hacks that you follow in the comments below.

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