Treat Your Customers Well, But Treat Your Employees Even Better

It is 2018 and it should come to you as a shock that company culture is a very important aspect. Treating your employees well not only promotes a healthy culture, but it also creates a culture that promotes superior service for customers. If you look after your staff, they will look after the company for you. For example, recently Starbucks announced that it will use some of its income tax savings to raise pay benefits for its employees. The companies that choose to invest in their employees tend to retain their employees for a longer period of time. Happy workers equal to happy customers. A stagnant work culture is a breeding ground for quitters. When the employees are treated, motivated and compensated well for their work, are known to deliver their 100 percent as compared to their dissatisfied counterparts. You prioritize the company’s culture, it would same as prioritizing good customer care. We bring to you an article that will ensure your employees work to their fullest. Read along to find out more:

1. Get done with the company hierarchy. Every employee should be treated equally. Make sure everyone is comfortable sharing their opinions and concerns on both high-level and low-level matters. Everyone have a different job history and different insights to offer. Apart from the main town-hall meetings once or twice a year, you could go live with your employees regularly to stay up-to-date. You could also use tools like TINYpulse or CultureIQ to know about your employees’ opinions. You have to have this feedback cycle and act on it.

2. Some employees might have student debts. And it is not exactly a very comfortable matter for the company to deal with. Instead of blowing off the idea entirely, you could meet them in the middle, come up with a benefits roadmap that might ease their debt. Every company should offer benefits to their employees, and most often than not, employees should be allowed to tailor these benefits themselves. Customized benefits will actually promote more loyalty towards the company.

3. While it is known that you treat your customers like god, you need to understand that you have to treat your employees like owners. That is when they would feel most invested. Encourage your employees to own a share of equity in the company – that would mean they are entrepreneurs within the company. Giving them ownership will make sure they deliver better work to their customers, because they will now feel more accountable.

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