Weekly Roundup (11th Edition)

Welcome to our 11th weekly roundup! I hope that these reads inspire you on your road to debt-freedom/financial freedom.

Did you know that Cell Phone City had a Savings Guru of the Week? I didn’t either – until they chose Laurie! From this new platform, “The Frugal Farmer” was able to share her story and offer her advice. Check out “From Suburbanites to Country People: The Story of Savings Guru, Laurie!” at the Cell Phone City website. (AND you get to see a photo of Laurie : )

Have you ever wondered what was at the root of your bad (or formerly bad) money habits? Mrs. Frugalwoods wrote yet another thought-provoking post at Frugalwoods entitled “I Used To Be Afraid Of Money, But Things Have Changed”. A little soul searching can result in very valuable finds, and although Mrs. FW’s money trouble (what was close to an inability to spend – I sure didn’t suffer from that!) is very different from mine, she got me doing a little soul searching of my own. What about you?

Lindsey at Cents, Sense & Sensibility wrote about “4 Barriers to Financial Freedom”. Lack of purpose, materialism, debt, and lack of discipline. I see, oh, about 4 things in there that apply to me to varying degrees. See if you can find anything that applies to you.

Although I find it very encouraging to learn of other people’s debt payoff successes, I’m also encouraged when I find out about the financial missteps that those same people make. Why encouraged? Because it confirms that I am not the only one who messes up on occasion. Travis from Enemy of Debt has achieved fabulous success in paying off his debt, but this week, he wrote “Budget Reset: Falling Off The Financial Wagon, and Climbing Back On”. When it comes to reaching financial goals, humble honesty is a crucial.

Jennifer at Wanderlust Wallet wrote “5 Frugal Habit Developed Since Moving To Switzerland”. Often when we’re in a new setting, we have to adopt different strategies, and living abroad has led Jennifer and her husband to find new ways to get by – frugally. As I read through her list, I found myself thinking, “I don’t need to move to Switzerland to do some of these things.” I’m going to try #4 this summer. Does anything on her list resonate with you?

Have a great week-end!


10 comments on “Weekly Roundup (11th Edition)

  1. It’s so nice to get suggestions from ladies I know and like and trust! I did read Laurie’s story on the other site. She’s fabulously honest! Everyone get on over there and check it out and have a happy and blessed weekend! 🙂

    1. I noticed that your comment after Laurie’s story was posted. Mine wasn’t. Hmmm…. I’m also a big fan of Laurie’s honesty. Powerful stuff. Thanks for you comment, Kay : )

    1. Many thanks back for writing posts that get to the heart of the matter in terms of money and so much more : )

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