Weekly Roundup (12th Edition)

Hey, friends! Welcome to the 12th edition of our weekly roundup!Β  These entertaining and inspiring reads are sure to keep you hopping as you work on your plan to become financially secure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post from Chela at Smash Odssey. The Smartest or Maybe Dumbest Financial Decision I’ve Made to Date takes readers through the all-too-common back and forth decision processes we humans go through as we work to do what we need (and want) to do in order to reach our life dreams. I never read fiction (for a number of reasons) but Chela’s real life story read like one of those fiction reads that they tell me you “just can’t put down”. Good stuff. πŸ™‚

Jason over at Islands of Investing wrote a powerful post entitled Disaster Strikes! A Tsunami Hits the Million Dollar Islands! Check out what Jason does when his portfolio takes a huge dive and his assets drop by………NOPE! Not telling. You’ll have to find out how much they decline by heading over and reading Jason’s post. πŸ™‚

Save Money, Da**it (we don’t swear on this blog site πŸ™‚ ) wrote an awesome article entitled Perform a “Fire Drill Month” to Stress-Test Your Budget. IMHO, every single person on earth should do this in some form or another. What a rockin’ good idea. Head over and see how the Save Money, Da**it team designed their test and what it taught them about how they’d function during a money emergency.

Mark over at Bare Budget Guy talked this week about what he and his family did with some money they received in his post, Our First Windfall. Mark shares some great thoughts here about how to manage windfall money and more specifically, what he did with theirs.

Ashley over at Everything Finance wrote a great post entitled Challenging the “Debt is Normal” Mentality. As a society, we have convinced ourselves into living in a constant state of being on the brink of financial disaster with this “Debt is Normal” thinking. Here Ashley shares why that’s so dangerous.

John over at Frugal Rules shared about a new weekly roundup of his own he’s become involved with. The Best of Personal Finance Weekly Roundup features a traveling roundup between 4 bloggers (cough…shameless self promotion….cough) that have a lifetime of experience in the personal finance arena. Don’t miss this chance to learn even more about money management and wealth building.

Another powerful article written by Shannon over at The Heavy Purse finishes up our roundup this week. The 7 Benefits of Money Happiness shares with us what learning to be truly happy with and about our money can bring us. Aside from financial benefits, learning to be truly happy with your money and/or implementing the changes necessary to be happy with your money can bring joy in a wealth of other areas.

After you’ve finished reading these awesome articles, make some plans to enjoy the weekend. Head out and grab some sunshine. Or stay home and relax. Just have fun!


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4 comments on “Weekly Roundup (12th Edition)

  1. I adore Chela’s site (and Chela, for that matter)! Great choice! I can’t get enough of her story. I am definitely heading over to Bare Budget Guy to find out how I should handle our upcoming windfall(s). I just know it’s (they’re) coming any day now! Great list, as usual, ladies! Cheers! πŸ™‚

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