Weekly Roundup #17

It’s Saturday today, and in a few hours we’re heading over to help my mom and stepdad move out of their “forever” house into a 50+ senior living community. If my mom, who ya’ll met in this post, were reading this, she would want to be sure that I told you that it’s “not one of those assisted living places, but an active community for those 50 and older”. Mom is seriously concerned about people thinking she’s too old to have fun and take care of herself, so she tells this to everyone who asks about the move. πŸ™‚

As a funny side note, my baby brother started calling the new place The Wrinkle Ranch, and so now our entire family refers to the new place by this term without skipping a beat. I know half the world wonders what on earth we’re talking about, but this is no surprise since our family has goofy terms for just about everything. My stepdad’s Bff, who happens to have the same name as my uncle, is called Dick-who-knows-everything (he’s an amazing DIY guy) as not to confuse him with Uncle Dick. Little bro gave mom’s neighbor the nickname Bowling Tom after he had a very loud argument with his wife one day (as in, the whole neighborhood could hear) in which at the end of he heaved his bowling ball out through the front door onto the lawn. Since there were a total of 3 Toms living next door to my parents at the time, it helped to be able to clarify which one they were talking about by referring to one as Bowling Tom, one as Flower Tom (he had a great flower garden) and the third as Carpet Tom (he was a carpet layer). If you’re confused by all of this, don’t feel badly, so are we. πŸ™‚

Now that I’ve thoroughly confused you, let’s talk about the great posts I found this week. πŸ™‚

Chonce’ over at Debt Epiphany wrote a powerful post this week entitled How to Stop Letting Money Control You. We personally spent way too many years letting money – and the fear of money – rule over us. After a few years of practice now we’ve managed to mostly stay in control of our money instead of the other way around, but when your money controls you, it’s not a good place to be, so head on over and read Chonce’s tips for getting back in control of your finances.

I am loving the Piggy Bank Dreams series on teaching your children about money. This go-around Laura featured a family who thought of a creative way to pay (or not pay) for their son’s college education. How to Teach Your Children to Secure Their Own Future has terrific ideas from experienced parents about how they helped their son pay for college. Good stuff.

Brian Tramuel wrote a great post over at Retirement Savvy entitled A Richer Understanding: Physical and Fiscal Fitness. Brian talks about a few different things here, but one thing I promise: if you read it, you’ll go away with a richer understanding of life. Godspeed, my friends – you can do this.

Shannon from Financially Blonde wrote a great article entitled Out of Touch with Your Financial Reality? Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why your finances are a mess when you work so hard and try to be frugal, but often even the seemingly frugal are starkly out of touch with their financial reality. Head on over and read Shannon’s post and see if it hits home for you.

Brian from Debt Discipline had a guest writer this week who wrote a fun and educational article called The Math (and Science) Behind Why Saving and Earning are Not Equals. Those of you who are true personal finance geeks will love this stuff. πŸ™‚


That’s all for now, folks. Have a wonderful weekend!

5 comments on “Weekly Roundup #17

  1. Thanks for featuring my newest article in the “Teaching Your Children About Money” series! Seriously, every parent I interview starts off talking about the lesson they taught to their child, but it completely rolls into all the lessons that parent learned as a result. That’s what I love about these stories. Great of you to spread their message!

  2. Our family had terrible nicknames for neighbors. Well, my mom did anyway. There were the “monkeys down the street”, “mrs. tube of toothpaste”, “the ugly sisters”, and I can’t even repeat some of the others. At least yours are nice descriptions!

    I love the thing about your mom. Those ACTIVE OVER 55 communities are rampant down here. I don’t know though. That ACTIVE part seems like a lot of pressure to me! πŸ˜›

    Great recommended readings, Laurie! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the inclusion. Brian and I have been ‘online’ friend for a couple of years and I love the work he does on his own blog, an online journal of sorts … so glad he has brought his talents to RetirementSavvy. The series has been well received and I’m definitely looking forward to more. Thanks again!

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