Weekly Roundup #20

It’s not only the week-end for me; it’s the first day of my summer holidays! Summer school ended yesterday, and I’m just soaking in that fact : )

Here is our roundup of great personal finance posts to get your week-end started:

Melanie from Dear Debt wrote a fabulous post about hope. “The Power of Positive Thinking” tells of her story over the past three years. Three years ago, deep in debt, on food stamps, and thoroughly depressed by a bleak outlook, Melanie took the advice of her mom. “Write yourself a check of what salary you want to be making.” The $50,000 she wrote seemed like a million bucks to Melanie at the time. And when she discovered that check this past week as she was cleaning up . . . Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out : )

J. Money at Budgets are $exy received an interesting e-mail from a reader recently, in which he asked, “What Should I Do With My $200,000 Inheritance?” Jay offered his advice and invited readers to do the same. What would your advice be?

Holly from Club Thrifty wrote “Introducing: The WORST Way to Get Out of Debt”.  In her mail box, she found an invitation to, “Get rid of credit card debt in as little as 36 months.” Sounds good, right? But Holly opened up the envelope and read the fine print to get the real picture. The sad thing is that some people are going to fall for this “invitation”. There are huge profits to be made off of our indebtedness. We’ve all got to read the fine print!

Brian at Debt Discipline wrote a post about “Consumption Envy”.  What Brian calls “in your face consumption” has become so constant – with people using social media to show their vacations, new cars, newly landscaped yards, restaurant meals . . . Whether or not we realize it, it has an impact on us. How do you choose to respond to consumption envy?

And finally, I got a real kick out of Laurie’s post at The Frugal Farmer in which she answers personal questions in response to her “Liebster Nomination”. You think you know Laurie? Read this post to find out if you really do : )

Happy reading!

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    1. That is such a J. $ comment! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for featuring such interesting case studies in your blog posts : )

    1. Melanie’s post sort of fits with the “prosperity” theme you were going with a few days ago. It’s cool when totally unrelated blogs hit upon the same theme : )

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