Weekly Roundup #24

It’s been back-to-school this week, and I don’t know what that’s like in your household, but in ours, it means a lot of jitters before the first day, and then huge relief once we’re all going again. I say “we” because I’m a teacher, and although I taught summer school until mid-August – part of our debt-reduction “gazelle intensity” – it’s different from the regular school year. I’m lucky to be able to say that I have great colleagues, wonderful students, and that I love my school. My daughters – the youngest in high school, the second in university, and the eldest in a job related to the school year – are all essentially happy to be back at it. If anyone in your household goes to or works at a school, I hope the transition was smooth and positive.

Now, on to our weekly roundup!

For the first time, I had the experience of being featured in a podcast. Talaat and Tai at His and Her Money interviewed me in August, after learning about our debt-reduction, and Thursday of this past week, I received their e-mail notification: “Your Podcast is Live!” It was really exciting for me, so I’m doing some shameless self-promotion here : ) If you’re interested, have a listen. “How One Couple Paid off over $100,000 in Just 3 Years.”

A post that gave me a recent “Aha!” moment was “August 2015 Budget Update and More” at Slowly Sipping Coffee. What could be “Aha” about a budget update? Well, Mr. and Mrs. SSC calculated not only their actual costs for the month, but also what their FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early – I think) costs would have been. And the difference between the two was over 50%! The cost of living can go WAY down once financial independence has been earned. Kind of ironic, right? And a big motivator to get there!

Do you know Tonya from Budget and the Beach? Not only does she write, she also produces videos. I love her video series “Real Money Stories”. Take 2 minutes and 40 seconds to watch her piece about James Kinney, a former Wall Street Analyst who developed a passion for wellness and took another path: “Living at 30K Feet.”

Savvy James featured Brian Tramuel at Retirement Savvy. In his post “A Richer Understanding: Gifts and Charity as Part of Your Spending Plan”, Tramuel tells the story of his business: Society Socks. As he says, “when a portion of your purchase goes to charity from a product that you already buy, everyone wins.”

J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy wrote a post this past week that made reference to an experiment he had been doing for a month: following the schedule of Benjamin Franklin. He linked to his explanation of the experiment, written at the end of July,  entitled “Being Benjamin Franklin for a Week”. It was of personal significance for me, and I can’t help but think it would be for anyone trying to optimize their time management.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the week-end!


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10 comments on “Weekly Roundup #24

  1. Thanks for including us. It is amazing how much our costs will go down once we hit our Fully Funded Lifestyle Change goal and are out of the dual income lifestyle. The biggest costs right now is daycare and mortgage, so with just those 2 gone, we will be looking at chopping almost $45k off of our overall spend right now… It still hurts even just typing it now, haha!

    1. 45k from those two items? That is pretty well an average yearly salary! The cost of debt is SO much higher than we realize. How wonderful that you and your wife will be out of that quagmire when you’re still young.

    1. Thank you for a great feature, James. I love it when regular business is tweaked to be an agent for good in society. “Bold Socks with a Social Cause.” Fabulous!

  2. I remember those jitters! I kind of miss it truthfully. I guess I experienced that a little bit this past week when I worked at a new company onsite for a freelance project. It was very weird being in an office again. Truthfully, working from home is awesome, and I was reminded of that when I was there. 🙂 Thank you SO much for the link love and all the support you’ve given me! I truly appreciate it!

    1. I really believe in your work, Tonya. I have a particular appreciation for your video series. Real, brief (important in our culture), and full of impact. I always look forward to your next production.

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