Weekly Roundup #25

While Ruth is off jet-setting to her fabulously frugal camping destination so she and DH can celebrate their anniversary, I am joining some incredibly rare alone time while Rick and his best friend take the kids on the yearly dad/kid camping trip. Luckily they’re not too far from our home here in the boonies, because oldest daughter called last night around dinner time to inform me that I needed to bring the tent up. Oops! It seems my usually over-prepared hubby Β was off kilter a bit as he packed for the trip. πŸ™‚Β 

Speaking of camping, if you’re ever in lovely MN, it’d be worth a trip to camp at Wild River State Campground up here. The expansive 18-mile park has large, quiet camp sites and tons of hiking and biking trails. Absolutely beautiful place!

Now onto some fun and fabulous reads to keep your weekend personal finance motivation up. πŸ™‚

Brian at Debt Discipline shared a wonderful post entitled Our Year of Living Debt Free. In it, Brian shares his reflection of their in debt years and how they compare to his and his family’s first year sans 109k in consumer debt. Wonderfully motivating read.

Autumn over at Barefoot Budgeter shares her experience of life as a minimalist in What I Learned from My Month of Extreme Minimalism. Autumn was sort of forced into a minimalist life for this short period of time, and it’s obvious that it really impacted her. Good stuff.

Luke over at Financially Fitz wrote an awesome post entitled Closing the Reality Gap. An eye-opener this post was, even for my “highly experienced” personal finance mind. Check it out.

Our friend J Money of Budgets are Sexy featured a great article on his Rockstar Finance site entitled How We Saved Millions of Dollars. If you want some real “wake up and face reality” advice on how to become a millionaire, this is it, my friends. Informative, entertaining, and if you let it be; life-changing.

One of my fave bloggers, Lance at Healthy Wealthy Income, wrote a post recently entitled Always Working, Always Broke. I can SO identify with the person he shares about in this article, because it used to be us. Luckily, the guy has Lance to help lift him (and the rest of us) up to better things.

That’s it, my friends. Now, go and enjoy your weekend!


*Photo courtesy of Meridican


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