Weekly Roundup #27

Hey friends! I hope that the week treated you well and that you’ll have some time to enjoy the weekend. It’s mid-October here in Minnesota, which usually means the brrrrrr is starting. But the heavens have blessed us and we’ll be spending the weekend basking in 70 and 80 degree temps! This afternoon boasts a chili cook-off at a friend’s house (we’ll be eating, not entering. Although I adore cooking, I’ve yet to learn how to make a really good pot of chili. πŸ™‚ ) and tomorrow we’ll be hosting a Bible study at our house as usual.

Take some time if you can this weekend and enjoy some of the great articles I’ve shared below. The personal finance world never ceases toΒ bring great articles to the masses.

Weekly Roundup

I must confess that I rarely listen to podcasts. With blog posts I can zip through the info at my own pace, but podcasts force me to be on someone else’s schedule and I have to admit that I struggle with that. I do know that I am missing out BIG time by avoiding podcasts, so I’m slowing learning how to carve out time to enjoy them. This week I found one that I just couldn’t say “no” to. All in one podcast session you can glean wisdom from Deacon from Well Kept Wallet, Joe from Stacking Benjamins and Chris from Money Peach. All three of these super smart guys share their secrets on this Well Kept Wallet podcast entitled Financial Experts Aren’t Perfect. Education and entertainment all in one place – how can you pass that up? πŸ™‚

Even Steven Money wrote an awesome post this week entitled Why I’m Scared to Death of Credit Cards. This mindset might baffle some, but I can totally identify. While many bloggers share their stories of free trips to dream getaways via credit card churning, I read these stories with a big “NOOOOOOOOOO!” running through my head, because I don’t trust myself not to fall into the credit card trap again. I’d rather stay home and remain credit card debt free. πŸ™‚

Erin over at Young Adult Money wrote a great post called The Sprint Vs. The Marathon Mindset When it Comes to Money. In it, Erin talks about the benefits to both and about how you can choose your path. Lots of Fruclastic wisdom in this post.

Steve at Think Save Retire wrote a revelation-savvy post entitled How Much is Your Job Really Costing You? This is a subject that people often don’t think about, but really, most jobs have a huge financial impact on your money. Most people don’t make as much as they think they make because of this. Check out Steve’s Β post and learn how much you really make by working. The answer might surprise you.

Len Penzo wrote an awesome article (it’s actually a re-post from four years ago) entitled My 12-Year-Old-Shares Her Secrets for Saving Money. I loved this post because this is how we raise our kids and it works super well when it comes to trumping the entitlement mindset and teaching them to work for money.

That’s it for this week, friends. What’s up for your weekend?


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9 comments on “Weekly Roundup #27

  1. I have the same trouble with podcasts. I think the trick is to listen while cooking or cleaning or folding laundry or whatever else you can do with ear buds in. Problem there – I don’t know how to set up my phone for that sort of thing. And I don’t have ear buds. Technology! Ugh!

  2. I’m SO with you on the credit card thing. Thanks for expressing it so well. Great reading tips, as always! πŸ™‚ So far this weekend, we went to Steak & Shake on Merritt Island and explored a dinosaur store (and future museum). On A1A, got to see lots of surfers and people just enjoying beach life to the max. Happy Weekend Everyone! πŸ™‚

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