Weekly Roundup #28

SO, the last time I wrote the weekly roundup one week ago, it was balmy, sunny and in the 70’s. This week it’s 34 degrees and we’re dealing with our first frost of the season. Welcome to life in Minnesota. 🙂 The beautiful fall oranges, reds, browns and yellows make up for it though, and help us have a bit of joy as they drag our tails kicking and screaming into winter.

Sometimes a journey to pay off debt is like this: you know that there’s a part of the journey that isn’t going to be easy or fun. I think this keeps many people from beginning the journey. Creating a debt payoff plan means facing the man or woman in the mirror and admitting money mistakes. That then has to be followed up by some serious behavioral changes. I think most of us, at the core, have a bit of a rebellious attitude about discipline on some front.

But the good news about discipline is that the more you practice it, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes as you reap the benefits of that discipline. Disciplined health choices result in a healthier body. Disciplined time choices result in a more productive day. And disciplined money choices result in a more secure financial situation.

So whereas the first days and weeks of a journey to pay off debt can be difficult, eventually that more disciplined life becomes comfortable, and the resulting better financial situation makes it SO worth the journey. Won’t you join us? Here are some awesome and inspiring articles to help encourage you along the way.

Gary at Super Saving Tips wrote an article called 8 Money Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Finances. I like this article because it contains specific mistakes that so many blindly make with their money. Money management can be a sneaky little bugger, especially in today’s world of the dreaded cash card. The use of plastic to pay for things can make people blind to the fact that they are draining their checking account, IMHO. And there are other habits that can drain our money without us truly realizing it as well. Check out Gary’s post to learn how.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mike and Monica’s journey to debt freedom. Just recently, they sold their home and moved into a smaller home to catapult their debt payoff journey. This week Monica from Our Debt Free Family wrote about how to Change Your Thinking About Debt with this Two Minute Trick. Personally, we used this trick and it worked wonders for us. What can it do for you?

Another of my fave bloggers (there are SO many! Good stuff out there, guys – really) is Laura from Piggy Bank Dreams. She wrote a terrific article this week called How to be Broke, Married and (Still) in Love. Wonderful words of wisdom here, friends, about marriage and money.

Although I’m always a bit hesitant to share Fruclassity posts as a part of the roundup, our dear Ruth wrote an awesome post this week called 16 Years Old and Saving: What’s the Why? She gave her youngest daughter a valuable lesson recently about the power of saving money, and the lesson stuck! You can’t not share that kind of victory. 🙂

Erin over at Frugal Rules wrote a post asking Have You Checked in with Your Financial Goals Lately? This post was a powerful reminder of the effectiveness of setting goals when it comes to money or anything else.

Kristi from over at Young Adult Money wrote a powerful post called 12 Ways to Give Back that Don’t Involve Donating Money. Giving is a practice that is SO near and dear to my heart, but I know personally about the struggles people face when they have massive amounts of debts and are deciding the whats/wheres/hows/whens of giving. Kristi gives some great options here.

And finally, since our Canadian readers just celebrated their Thanksgiving and our American readers will do so in a few weeks, here’s another “giving” post for you. Kalie at Pretend to be Poor wrote about Hospitality Hacks. Since I’m  hostess by nature, I thoroughly enjoyed reading how she and her family entertain others on the cheap. Good stuff. 🙂

SO, here’s your assignment for this weekend:

  1. Read these awesome posts
  2. Join the Fruclassity movement
  3. Start (or continue) your own journey to better money management and more financial peace
  4. Go out and have a terrific weekend

Happy Saturday, my fruclasstic friends! Any plans for the weekend? How’s the weather there?


*Photo courtesy of Meridican

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  1. Awww : ) Thank you for including my post on this roundup, Laurie!
    Looking outside our window this morning, against the backdrop of stunning fall leaves we saw, falling from the sky: SNOWFLAKES. Nooooooo! Nothing that will last, but it’s coming. It’s coming.

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