Weekly Roundup #31

We’re into November already. How did that happen? In these parts, we’re enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures this week, but it’s all set to plunge in a couple of days – so we’ll soak it in while we can. Whatever the weather in your part of the world, you’ll have a sunnier disposition after reading these posts from Fruclassity‘s roundup. Get ready for a motivating boost on your personal finance journey!

If you’ve already read Laurie’s post this week here at Fruclassity, you’ll agree it must be included. “6 Reasons to Start Paying off Debt NOW” is inspiring for those just starting to tackle their debt and for those of us who have been at it for years. Why do we bother with the budgets and the tracking of expenses and the difficult transition to new money habits? Sometimes we need a reminder of that “Why?” to keep us going, and Laurie’s answer is bang on.

At Debt Discipline, Brian shares his own story of credit card debt spiral. “The One Secret to Getting out of Credit Card Debt” starts with his first getting a credit card at 18 and moves along to a time when, at age 40, with a wife and 3 children, he had $109,000 in credit card debt and no more options to borrow. Sound hopeless? It was a “rock bottom moment” for Brian and his wife, but it was also their turning point. Read their story of victory, and be envision yours.

Tonya has a video series over at Budget and the Beach about real people and their money – and it’s fantastic. This week, she features Shannon McLay of Financially Blonde, and more recently, The Financial Gym. In 2 minutes 30 seconds, Tonya captures Shannon’s vision to make financial coaching accessible to EVERYONE. Shannon’s biggest satisfaction is to see the change that happens when people start using their financial muscle – especially when they think they don’t have any. Got two-and-a-half minutes? Take a look at “Real Money Stories: Getting Financially Fit.”

Kalie from Pretend to Be Poor wrote “5 Ways to Win Your Lover (to Being More Frugal)” – and it is simply wonderful. Can you change your spouse? No. But you can change your approach to your spouse, and that opens the door to new possibilities. Kalie shares her story of humbly turning away from her own negative attitudes – that went nowhere – to finding that she needed to change along with her husband so that they could become the effective team they are today. Struggling to get on the same financial page as your partner in life? There is hope.

With so many millions of words being written about personal finance in any given week, Luke, from Financially Fitz, gives pause for thought. In his post, “The Complete Guide to Financial Planning … On One Index Card,” he reminds us that it’s all really quite simple. He even provides the index card – in both hand-written and typed versions. Simple is not necessarily easy – and that’s certainly the case for many of us when it comes to money management – but it is good to be brought back to the basics. To get your index card, check out Luke’s post.

There. Motivated? I thought so. Enjoy your week-end!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me this week! I think the idea Shannon has with the financial gym is so great, and I hope it does really well. We are finally getting some cooler temps around here. It’s all Californians can talk about! I think we are just so excited if feels fall-ish!

    1. Meanwhile, we are feeling excited that it has felt summer-ish. But I’m going to guess that our summer-ish is still colder than your fall-ish. Shannon’s financial gym IS great. I hope that it catches on like wild-fire! You did a great job of capturing it : )

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