Weekly Roundup #32

With the American Thanksgiving celebration a mere 12 days away, we’re busily preparing our budget for a frugal but festive Thanksgiving dinner. We love, love, love to entertain here at The Frugal Farmer home, and as such Thanksgiving is generally held at our home. We’re ramping things up a bit here this year, adding a ham to our turkey dinner and some extra side dishes we don’t usually make such as roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and onion.

Thanksgiving Day and its approach always make me extra, well, thankful! I tend to spend lots of time reflecting on how very blessed we all are to have food to eat each day, clean water to drink and shelter over our heads. Having spent much time volunteering with the homeless and the “foodless”, I’m well aware that there are many people each day who go hungry and who sleep in the bitter cold, and it’s a reflection that never quite leaves my heart, probably due to our close call with hunger when I was a child.

To this day, most all of our volunteer works lie with the homeless and with ministries that serve food to others. As such, when we sit down to eat our frugal but glorious Thanksgiving Day dinner, I can’t help but be humbled that we have the funds to work with our family members to provide such an abundant meal.

Now, on to the amazing posts I found in the personal finance blogging world this week.

Kim over at Eyes on the Dollar wrote a powerful post entitled Retirement Savings Wake-up Call. This is something I think about a LOT. We’re doing pretty good retirement savings wise, much better than most of the country. I’ve watched as my mom lives on a very strict retirement budget, and although she’s doing fine, thanks to having zero debt and a well-written budget, she does have to watch her financial P’s and Q’s quite closely. Rick and I will have more than ten times what she has for retirement funds, but the thought of having to eat Alpo for dinner still scares me. The good news is that it scares me into staying on our “living frugally and paying off debt” track.

Our dear Ruth wrote a fascinating post this week here on Fruclassity called Faith and Finances: Flakey or Foundational? I believe this is our most commented post to date, and it was awesome watching so many people weigh in on the role that faith does or does not play in their finances. Thanks too to our friend Kay who was so willing to share her story for this post.

Michelle over at Fit N’ Poor recently wrote an awesome post about their drastic move in order to get debt free. It’s called The Distance We’ll Go to Get Debt Free: 1049.6 Miles.  Find out what this young family is doing in order to give themselves the opportunity to live without debt. Great story!

Hannah over at Unplanned Finance wrote a heartwarming post called .87 in Interest and the Simplest Life Choice. Here Hannah explains her family’s choice to live completely without debt, and the gifts it’s brought to them. Wonderful post. 🙂

Erin over at Young Adult Money wrote an educational post called How to Stay Organized with Your Money. For years, we were not organized with our money. We simply spent when we wanted to spend, and occasionally balanced the checkbook to find that it did not have nearly enough money for the amount we were spending. Organizing our money has been life-changing. It has allowed us to make a plan to become debt free, and to stick with that plan and see the monthly results of our efforts. If your money isn’t organized, you need to read this post.

That’s it for today, my fruclastic friends. I pray that your weekend is, if nothing else, a happy one.


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    1. LOL, me too. 🙂 And I hear you on the gratefulness thing. I don’t think about it nearly as much as I should. Have a great weekend, Luke!

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