Weekly Roundup #33

Welcome to Fruclassity‘s 33rd Weekly Roundup! Ready for some inspiration towards debt-freedom/financial freedom? Read on!

Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse wrote “7 Emotions and Their Affects On Your Finances.” When I first started trying to get my financial act together, I thought it was all about budgets and tracking and discipline. WRONG! Financial management is about so much more than money, and Shannon’s post makes that clear. She says, “our emotional competence plays an instrumental role in our overall financial success, and our lack of emotional competence hampers many from building the life they want . . .” You might be surprised by some of the connections she makes between emotion and finance. And you might find in her examples someone who looks a lot like you.

J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy wrote “Working for Money vs. Money Working for You.”  Jay compares his years of earning income in exchange for hours of work – starting with the $10 per hour that he made mowing lawns as a kid – to what he now earns through passive income: “Last month I spent 0 hours on my investments and made a whopping $32,687.28.” Investing is a good idea. Point made. Got it!

Brian from Debt Discipline posts a series of interviews with fellow debt bloggers, and his interview with Jackie from The Debt Myth really inspired me this week. Jackie got serious about taking down her debt six years before I did, and she’s well past the finish line now. It’s so important, when you’re “stuck in the middle” of an effort like debt-elimination, to take a step back and get perspective. Reading Jackie’s story gave me a rush of energy. I know that my finish line is out there too!

Laura Harris from Piggy Bank Dreams wrote “How Does Your Spouse Truly Feel About Your Finances?” As a financial coach, Laura sometimes finds herself dealing with couples whose marriages are suffering. “Is it any wonder that marriage counselors and financial coaches so often work with the same clients?” she asks. The overlap between relationships and finances is HUGE!

FF from Femme Frugality wrote “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends“, a post that deals with the insanity that can happen if you’re a CHO – Chief Household Officer. Work schedules, childcare needs, household chores, appointments with the doctor . . .  It can be – and usually is – overwhelming. FF describes an app that helps CHOs to manage their monolithic multi-tasking logistics. CHOs, it’s worth a read.

I hope that at least one of these posts speaks to you right where you are on your journey. Keep your eyes on the prize and have a great week!

15 comments on “Weekly Roundup #33

  1. Thanks so much for the link love, ladies! I appreciate the support. It always surprises people when I tell them their emotions around money have such an influence over their financial success. They always assume picking the right investment is all that matters. And while creating a strong portfolio certainly plays a role, if you don’t have good emotional competence and are not able to good decisions in emotional times (which is every day), you make poor decisions with your money that can diminish the overall effect of your great portfolio. Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!

    1. What I found particularly interesting about your post was that positive emotions can lead to bad financial decisions just as much as negative emotions can. No matter what the emotion, we have to decide with our heads. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Shannon : )

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