Weekly Roundup #35

Here we are, a mere 3 weeks until Christmas, my friends. As you gear up to celebrate in whatever way you do (or if you enjoy the holiday season with other celebrations) I hope you’ll take some time today to get your fill of good personal finance articles.

Before you read our roundup list, be sure too to stop by and read Ruth’s article that she wrote on Thursday. On Thursday she shared a debt success story that really motivated and inspired me for one reason: the length of time it took them to pay off their debt. This family showed that, as I wrote about on Tuesday, perseverance is key. Check it out. And then go and read these gems:

In the Spirit of the Christmas season, I absolutely loved the post Michelle from Making Sense of Cents wrote called 58 Random Acts of Kindness. Michelle’s post lists off over 50 easy things to do that will bless others and warm your own heart as well. A must-read!

Steve Miller from over at We Retired Early wrote an inspiring post entitled How to Take Control of Your Future. Excellent points here that will help those who are aiming for great things in life.

Jason over at Phroogal shared a powerful story in his post, 10 Signs that You’re Headed Into Financial Trouble. Jason shares a story about a friend who thought he was doing “fine”, when all of a sudden he wasn’t. Don’t make the mistakes that Jason’s friend made. Learn from them and create your financially secure future now.

Erin over at Frugal Rules wrote an educational post called Do Your Assets Cost Too Much Money? In it she explains the potential money pitfalls of owning assets. Another terrific post!

And last but certainly not least, our friend Brian from over at Debt Discipline wrote a powerful post called An Open Letter to My Three Children. Brian lays it on the line for the benefit of his kids – what a blessed gift he has given them – better than any material thing you can buy.

Friends, I hope you have a joyful weekend. It’s slated to be in the 40’s all week here, and if you know anything at all about Minnesota, you’ll know that this is nothing short of a miracle – one I’m happy and grateful to have. The less propane we have to use this winter, the better for our debt repayment plan. 🙂


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