Weekly Roundup #41

I’m going to bet that no one has had a week like I have. On the one hand, I’ve been at home recovering from a muscle spasm in my neck and the shooting head-aches it caused. On the other hand, I got to meet someone yesterday who, for a high school English teacher and librarian, is an absolute rock star! Do you remember the academy award winning movie Life of Pi? The author of the book was a student at the school where I now work. Yann Martel was in town yesterday . . . and he paid a visit to our school! I’m still coming down from a state of suspended animation.

But on to our weekly roundup! I love it when themes emerge in the personal finance bloggosphere. So often, a number of bloggers will post about the same topic, each without knowing others have done so. This week, I saw a common theme in Valentine’s Day (not too surprising) and teeth (not what I expected!) as well as the diving markets.

Gary at $uper $aving Tips wrote the post “Avoid Spending a Fortune on St. Frugaltine’s Day“. Homemade cards anyone? (I’m inspired to give it a try!) I thought it interesting that both posts I read about frugality on February 14th were written by men. Hmmm . . .

Brian at Debt Discipline wrote “How Do You Celebrate Your Love on Valentine’s Day“. Brian’s post includes interesting statistics on all things romantic. Gary and Brian, I hope you will indeed prove this Valentine’s Day that romance and frugality do not have to be mutually exclusive!

When it comes to teeth, Laura Harris from Piggy Bank Dreams wrote the post “My $1,031.20 Chipped Tooth“. No one want to drop $1K to deal with this sort of thing. Least of all Laura and her husband who have made their way out of debt on a low income and are now saving up a down-payment for a home. Although she felt the discouragement of the situation, Laura also recognized its silver lining. (And you’ll just have to read her post to find out what it was.)

After reading about Laura’s tooth mishap, I was surprised to see this title over at Emily’s John & Jan Doe Guide to Money & Investing: “Windfalls And The Lost Tooth“. Emily’s 5-year-old daughter made the mistake of not being intentional with a potential windfall from her first lost tooth, leading Emily to reflect upon the times when she has let her own windfalls evaporate. Were there any other posts about teeth out there this week?

Many people are blogging about the impact of the markets on their net worth these days, but my heart really sank when I read the title of a post at J. Money’s Budgets Are $exy: “Net Worth Nightmare: $437,562.07 (-$51,405.74)“. It’s pretty impressive that he can calculate his net worth the penny, but even those of us who aren’t quite so number-nerdy get the significance of a $50,000 drop in one month. Yikes! The good news is that Jay concludes with, “And there you have it! The biggest loss on the record books . . . and we’re still smiling on the other end :)” A good role model for keeping your cool when things go south.

Have a great week-end, and happy reading!


10 comments on “Weekly Roundup #41

  1. Hope you are feeling better after you guest visit. 🙂 Thanks for including my post with the other great reads! Spending my weekend watching my youngest son perform in his schools rendition of “The Lion King” He’s playing the villain, Scar.

  2. Wow, you’ve had quite the highs and lows this week. Life of Pi was such an amazing story. I’m glad your long shot turned into an actual visit to help inspire the students.

    Thank you for including my post in your roundup. I certainly hope that romance and frugality aren’t mutually exclusive…money is useful but it shouldn’t become the “love of your life”!

  3. Thanks for including my post this week, Ruth! Frozen cookie dough will never taste the same to me again. But it’s a good thing we started to replenish the emergency fund right away after the dental visit because my husband’s car is acting up. Here comes round two!

    1. Ah! It never ends! But you have put the right strategy in place. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to cover that expense completely when the time comes.

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